Former North Little Rock center Ware enters portal

Might hurt his stock in portal too.

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Bad as I want it to happen unless graham is gone I don’t see it. I see ole miss or zags. I’ve been hearing it’s 50/50 on all 3 staying or transferring, With or with out brazille. With baye fall coming and Walsh expected to have larger role. I’m pretty sure muss wants to keep markhel but they’re a package

It’ll hurt if he tears us up in the SEC and we could get him back but we’re clogged up inside . He’s gonna get to the league this year barring an injury, draft class of 24 is weak and stretch bigs are a hot commodity. That’s why brazille won’t say if he’s staying or going because a few calls from scouts in the of the middle 2nd round Hes gonna jump , jay will did .

By all 3 being 50/50 I was referring to graham and twins

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Baye fall vs ware

Two McDonald’s all Americans, also
Corey Washington high 3star 2022,
Assan diop high 4star 2023
baye fall cousin

In the link I posted

NBA may draft on potential, but Muss doesn’t dole out playing time based on it. If your motor isn’t revving and you aren’t all in on preparation and defensive effort, you don’t play. We’ll see, but I have my doubts that he would be a good fit here.

Really like Corey Washington. He attended a skills camp that my grandson attends. Seen him play up close and personal.

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You have to have their first names backwards.

Yes I do lol

Has Muss offered Richard?

They really don’t say you have an offer to Arkansas. You know you’re wanted and have a spot. I guess that’s technically an offer.

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