Former North Carolina QB Criswell plans Arkansas visit

He’ll have to sit for a year behind KJ, barring injury, but he was not going to play much at UNC thanks to Drake Maye who has two more years. So this gives him a chance to play sooner, especially with as much contact as KJ takes.

Maye is a redshirt freshman, so technically he has three more years, but I agree two is more realistic. And I also agree that the path forward would be easier for Criswell at Arkansas. Sitting a year would not be new to him, but even if he did that at least he could see the end of the tunnel.

Speaking of Maye, the ACC’s Offensive Freshman POY, Freshman POY, Offensive POY, and POY, and son of a former UNC QB, a player who is UNC through and through, who could not have had more success in their system, and has a limitless future, he actually had to answer a question the other day about whether HE would be in the portal, not because he was unsatisfied with UNC in any way, but because maybe some other school contacted him and offered more NIL money. It’s crazy.

OK, if Maye’s a redshirt freshman then he may have only one more year; you have to be out of high school 3 years to enter the NFL draft, and 2023 would be year 3. Also, 2023 is year 5 for KJ but with the COVID year and having redshirted he COULD come back for 2024, not that I expect that to happen.

By the way, the current or recent starting QBs at NC State, Pitt and Clemson have all hit the portal today. Lots of ACC movement.

You’re right, one year may be even more realistic. But even so, if I were Criswell, I’d rather take my chances at Arkansas than at UNC. Not just considering how likely it would be for Maye to stay two more years versus K.J. doing likewise. But also considering Criswell barely played a down at UNC this year, as opposed to the considerable amount of time he would have played at Arkansas if he had been K.J.’s backup. I would also think sitting a year while learning from K.J. and learning Arkansas’s system would be a lot less frustrating than sitting yet another year in a system you already know.

Maye will hit the NFL whenever he wants. Known to all NFL teams with interest because of his physicality. Our OL was supposedly a big advantage this year and KJ still got pounded, definitely likely to increase next year so backups be ready, next man up always. I would love to hear reference to Dre frequently if Criswell comes. Nice flashback to a great Razorback.

Leary of NC State was the preseason POY. His injury and others’ forced 4th stringer Ben Finley (brother of former Wolfpack QB Chuck Finley) into duty in the UNC game and he outplayed Maye in the win. So maybe Leary saw the writing on the wall. Certainly the same thing with the Clemson QB. He was replaced in a previous game and early in the ACC Championship game with a freshman who also outplayed Maye, so he definitely must have seen a more than cloudy future at Clemson. Not sure about the Pitt QB, the only Pitt I really follow coaches Arkansas :smile:.

This was the camp that Chandler Morris and KJ Jefferson attended too.

Jacolby had the better day of the three. His arm strength is top level and his accuracy that day was the best of the three. One camp doesn’t make or break a QB, but that day Jacolby had the best day.

My thoughts on why he should come home and I’m not going to get into any of the talent aspects or playing time that people usually bring up. I’m going to talk about life after football.

Being a son of Arkansas, from Morrilton, going to NC open NO doors for him in Arkansas if he chooses to return home after football. Better get his degree and hope he can get a job that way.

If he plays and finishes his career at Arkansas, then the carpets get rolled out, the velvet curtains part, and almost all doors are wide open in Arkansas. That seems to be something rarely considered when choosing where to play football coming out of HS. I realize every single one thinks they will be NFL players and rolling in big bucks, but the reality is that very very few reach that point.

So if he plans to return to Arkansas after football, choosing to return via portal to the Razorbacks, whether he plays a down or not, but is on the team, will pay big dividends for his future in the state. Thats just the way it is.

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I have a feeling that this young man will give KJ a fight for the starting position. KJ better work on his passing. Think JC can push KJ for playing time. Maybe wrong about him, but time will tell if he transfers here.

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Not sure either but competition is what this team needs at all spots.

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