Former Memphis WR

Marlon Crockett said he’s visiting Arkansas today.

Played at Searcy and Cabot.

10:26 update: He said it’s an official visit.

11:51 update: The visit is an unofficial visit. I must of misunderstood.

Richard, would he be a walk on?

I’m losing track, but we have like 13 or 14 scholarships to fill as a result of all the people who hit the portal.

Probably a dumb question, but does a Walk on get an official visit?

Surely, it is.

They can. He told me official so that’s what I went with.

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We do. The only reason I ask is that we didn’t offer him a scholarship just two years ago, and he hasn’t recorded any statistics during his time at Memphis. Not to say we didn’t have a change of heart. Was just curious.

Thanks. The only reason I asked is that I thought there was an annual limit on the number of OVs a school can offer.

Memphis website says he played in one game this year, against North Alabama. But you’re right, he didn’t record any stats.

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Understand. I can’t recall Arkansas ever maxing out on OVs but I get what you’re saying.

It’s an unofficial. I did an update in the original post.

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