Former LSU pledge and 4-star WR plans another trip to Hill … ther-trip/

An awesome player. This would be huge. A linebacker mentality playing
wide receiver. Tough and fierce are good qualities at this level of competition.

RD…with his connections (Gregory and Nash) here and now we have Boss Hog coaching the trenches, this seems like a very solid and real possiblility that we land this stud! Do you agree?

I would say our chances are trending up on this one and quickly. If you had a % of him committing would you say above 75%?


I’m glad to see that Memphis is a priority for this staff. There is a ton of talent there and no real university that draws away said kids. So if the Hogs can focus on that area, and really make some inroads, we could easily snag 5 commits a year from the City/County.

I think they’re definitely in the running now. Have to see what happens going forward.

Uh, ole miss recruits and draws heavily from the Memphis area.

My bad, went bad and reread your post, and you did say no REAL university. :lol:

I think there’s reason to be optimistic.

Sweet, this guy is an absolute stud

That’s great to hear RD!