Former Hog QB next AD?

Kevin Scanlon

I spoke to someone tonight who knows Kevin and he said he would be surprised if that happened. He said Kevin has a good job at Stephens and grandchildren in Little Rock.

From the standpoint that he has some experience as a sports agent and with the program, it would make sense as an outside the box hire. But based on the conversation tonight with someone I trust, I do not think he is a likely AD.

Matt who would be your top 3 choices for the AD seat?
Who would also be your top 3 for the HC job?

I don’t think it’s my place to say on either. All I can offer is that I think there is a movement to hire someone with ties to the program or state to both positions. I would not be surprised if the AD hire is viewed as underwhelming outside the state. I’m not saying I know who it is going to be; I’m saying that I think it will be difficult for Arkansas to find someone with a national stature of Long. Judging from the feedback I’ve heard this week, many inside the state would be fine with that.

I just hope the AD that is hired is not just a yes man. The Arkansas ties is important to me. It will be nice to see someone hired that is truly honored and grateful to serve our state as AD for our hogs!
Same goes for the new Head Coach.
I don’t believe CBB keeps his job regardless of the outcome of these next 2 games.
What’s your opinion on CBB and his job status ?

Pretty much the same as yours.

Have you heard any update on Garland status ?

This is the football board! :smiley:

There is no update on Khalil. Based on everything our reporters have heard, it sounds doubtful that he will play this year.

Yes I realize it’s the football board but when one of you guys are answering questions it’s too easy to just ask.

An AD hire is not normally going to make much of a splash anyway. Whoever gets the Jeff Long of 2017 it will, but the Jeff Long we hired in 2007 was not anybody I knew. You know the school they come from, but I honestly don’t think I could name 10 athletic directors in the country, and I can name about all P5 football coaches, and maybe more basketball coaches. Whoever we hire, good or bad, isn’t going to be newsworthy nationally, and it wouldn’t be at Alabama or Ohio St. either.

I don’t think that is necessarily true. Alabama’s hire of Greg Byrne was a national story last year. So was Florida’s hire of Scott Stricklin. There has been national interest in Texas’ last two searches and the last one at Michigan.

Actually there are some AD hires that are news worthy. If Tommy Tuberville was hired as AD it would sure be news worthy especially within the state of Arkansas .

It also made headlines with Louisville firing their AD and let’s not overlook Auburn and their AD retiring or getting fired with the cloud of multiple incidents with coaches or assistants in varied sports.

It did make headlines when Tom Jurich was let go at Louisville, he was a high profile AD. I don’t think Alabama hiring away Arizona’s AD Greg Byrne was that big a story nationally. I know some of you keep up with AD’s more than I do, but nationally, if you were to ask college football fans in general to name AD’s, it’s going to be pretty low scores except maybe in their own region. Everybody knows and keeps up with coaching hires. I have not the slightest idea who Virginia Tech AD is, but I sure know Buzz Williams and Justin Fuente. Same for most any college. Does anybody know Georgia’s? Bigger number I bet know Mark Fox and Kirby Smart. Point is the AD for any school but your’s is about like referees, you don’t notice them till they mess up.

May have been a story for a day or two, but not even 10 percent of the story of their coaching hires, not even 1 percent.

Some, but not many. If there was a poll and people were asked anywhere outside of Michigan if they knew more about Warde Manuel or Jim Harbaugh, what do you think the percentage would be?