Former Hog O-line pledge Ty’Kieast Crawford plans to transfer to Arkansas

This was a need, more great news today if all stays as planned. WPS!

Pittman is having a really good day today.

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He has a lot of potential! Needs to show up in shape and ready to play!. Excited to see what kind of impact he can make… Great job guys.

Great news. An area of real need. Sam is going to get that Oline where he wants it sooner than I thought possible! That is a major step toward getting the program where it needs to be.

Ty’Kieast must have wanted to be a Razorback to come back. I understand the uncertainty of a coaching change, but I bet he saw and heard what Sam can do with Oline.

Love it.

Big deal for us here I hope!!!

He’ll get the off season program to get in shape, and he’ll probably be a backup OT next year, which is just fine for a freshman.

I forgot the saga the first time, as to why he ended up at Charlotte. I seem to remember he was either committed to the Hogs or was a heavy lean, and then he wasn’t, but I can’t recall what happened.

He decommitted midway through the 2019 season. It didn’t appear he would qualify but did so late and signed with Charlotte in the spring.

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Please merge with RD’s thread.

I notice he said for his football career, not an education.

Playing football here while getting his degree online at DeVry

That’s funny

Does he get to play right away or does he have to sit a year…
Sorry, I should know that answer, I just don’t.

Impressive list of offers out of HS.

If the NCAA passes the 1 time transfer rule (which it is expected to do) then he will be eligible immediately.

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