Former Hog new T&F coach at Texas

Former jumper for the Hogs, Edrick Floreal, has left Kentucky to be the head coach there. Before that, he was at Stanford. I kept thinking he might get a shot to coach the Hogs.

The Kentucky women’s team was really good this past year. Texas got them a good one.

Happy for him and the opportunity, but hate it in other ways (selfishly). Like you, I had hoped he would come back here. Don’t blame him, of course, There has to be an opening to come; and, on the other hand, as we all know (even though we HATE to admit it) - Texas has everything a coach would want/need to make a big time splash. I’d be surprised if Coach Floreal doesn’t

Must have loyalty issues…

Coaches go where the jobs are. And Texas has the resources to win big in any sport. Remember Fred Akers coached the Fallopian football team for quite a few years. The same Fred Akers who kicked a field goal to beat TCU 3-0 for us in 1959.

Stanley Redwine is the head T&F coach at Kansas. Floreal now at EOE. I suspect there may be other ex-Hogs coaching I don’t know about.

Why would he come here as AC when he can be a HC at a Power 5 school?

gives us 2 head coaches with power 5 experience when and if there’s a change in the next few years that know what the university has to offer in tradition…would take either one with no hesitation.

Ducked by the EOE website today to check on their baseball schedule (record vs TTech, actually) and noticed that the website stories about Floreal, who is from French-speaking Canada, spelled Floreal with the accent over the e. Struck me as classic EOE pretension, like how they think they’re the academic equal of Stanford and the athletic equal of Arkansas.

Because he’s coaching a uniform that has gone from Burnt Orange to Burnt Copper…