Former Hog Curtis Washington Jr

Curtis recently played a back-up role in the outfield for the Hogs, and did well. However, with all of the “Super Seniors” and other returning players due to Covid, he decided to move on in hopes of more playing time. Of course, that happens with many players at top D1 programs, Covid or not, every year.

He is now at Purdue, and is writing a short series of articles about his experiences in College Baseball for Interesting stuff, and the first installment has quite a bit about how he was recruited to play with the Razorbacks, and what that was like.


Thanks for the link. I had missed that.

Under other circumstances he might well have earned a starting spot at Arkansas. The way DVH kept him informed is exactly what I would have expected from DVH.

very nice read. I hope Curtis does well. At a program as successful as ours, I’m sure a lot of very talented young men have leave without doing as much on the field as they’d like. I hate that part of the game.

Thanks for the link. Bittersweet memories but he was and will remain a Razorback baseball player. He is also good at expressing himself with the written word, which is another blessing. Hoping Curtis success in his life.

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