Former Georgia DB Brini commits to Razorbacks


Awesome!! And he’s big enough to play linebacker if he can’t play safety

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That is awesome! Went to Austin and said “nope.” Love it! Sam is building something great here. Go Hogs!


Perhaps he will give depth at nickel. Great addition.

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I like Foucha so I’m not just throwing shade. But Brini looks like an upgraded version of Foucha.

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If he was good enough to start for 11 games for Georgia on that incredible defense yes I would agree. He did get beat out for the postseason, have heard it was because he wasn’t real good in coverage, I’ll gladly let Carter get a chance at working with him and see what we can do.


Sam has earned his upcoming big raise. Just another example of is worth.


Yes, he has. He’s also got me warming up a bit to the transfer portal! Sam’s a great high school recruiter and a great portal recruiter!



wow! this is just incredible!


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Wow. Great news

Wish I could read the posts here…9 page thread on their board after their mod confirmed in the OP that Brini chose the Hogs over Texas. I’m SURE they would all tell us it’s just 150 something posts wishing him well and letting us know that they really didn’t want him…lol…


He started a lot of games for the best defense in the country-he isn’t coming here to provide depth.

You don’t get a guy like that over someone like Texas without a pretty good indication that he’s gonna be one of your guys.

These guys from GA know CSP and what he is about. Sam leaves an impression everywhere.


Brini had a break out year this past season. He also was around CSP for 2 years at UGA. He is a great addition for a team definitely on the rise in the SEC and in national rep. UT, not so much. Look forward to him competing for a starting job.

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