Former Chad Morris

offensive analyst. I know you guys love the headline.

If Texas State hires Kinne, Tulsa could hire Barry Odem….

Interesting - thought he’d get the Tulsa job.

That ought to disqualify a man right there.

Curious if TU were to go contrary to convention and offer Loren Montgomery of Bixby HS the job. Try to capture the magic of “system” and extrapolate to NCAA.

Coaches Hot Seat reports that Montgomery was making $2M a year, but it was quietly reported that he and Frank Haith were asked, and agreed, to take a pretty sizeable pay cut due to COVID budget shortfall at TU. While it may have been temporary, if he were making $1.6M instead (20% was what I heard) that is basically what Odom makes now. TU may not have the $$ to pay much more than $2M.

If you want a HC position, its not about the money, really. But, if you aren’t going to get a pay raise you are really just improving the longevity of your current contract (for retirement account purposes - the buyout is bigger and the contract length longer).

Hiring high school coaches hasn’t worked out so well for TU, or anyone else, for that matter.

I keep thinking Justin Fuente might emerge at Tulsa. He is from there and has won big in that conference.

Sounds like Barry Odom interviewed according to some reports out of Tulsa…

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