Former Big Ten O-lineman enrolls at Arkansas

Big Kid. Maybe a change in coaching and scenery will pay off for him and us

Youdaman. I presume we will have to put lots and lots of weight on him before he is ready to play in the SEC. True?

He’s 6’8 315 so he can put on 25 or 30 easy but it really just depends on how strong he is, how good is his technique, what kind of athlete is he? There are several things that play into making a great SEC lineman

I can recall a time not that long ago, when we were struggling to find enough healthy O-linemen to scrimmage. If nothing else, this young man will make a contribution on our practice field. Happy to have him.


That’s exactly right and who knows he may come here with a different attitude and the change in coaching style and environment may be all he needs to reach his full potential