Former 10 win Wisconsin coach leaves for underperforming

Maybe winning at Wisconsin is easier that we initially thought

Addendum: title changed for accuracy


Gary Andersen: 26-24 at Utah State, 7-23 Oregon State, but 19-7 at Wisconsin

Paul Chryst: 19-19 at Pitt, but 26-6 at Wisconsin

Bret Bielema: 27-29 at Arkansas, but 68-24 at Wisconsin

Makes you think…

The common factor behind the three at Wisconsin is AD Barry Alvarez who believes in winning, we have AD jeff long who believes in himself.

Guy was crazy if he got no buyout. Wonder if he got a settlement of some sort

He walked away from all compensation is what the article says…just what a few people have been posting on this board and the replies (me included)…IMPOSSIBLE.

The comment Jeff Long only believes in himself was uncalled for.

Considering all the facts, that comment was being nice. The difference between Frank Broyles and Jeff Long is huge. Frank always Broyles made decisions based on what he thought was best for the U of A. Long always makes decisions based on what he believe is best for him.

What decision has Jeff Long made that was not best for the program?