Formations on Offense

This offense is very vanilla and the formations are the same with no eye candy or variations… It really reminds me of a HS team and just thinking were going to just line up and over power teams… We only run zone out of 2x2 sets and 3x1 and the announcers pointed out last week, based off of how the RB is lined up you can tell whether its run or pass… Where is the creativity???

Announcers said the same during Ole Miss game - could tell by RB alignment if it was run or pass. Why hasn’t this been corrected since the Ole Miss game?

San Jose QB said the safeties are tipping the play.


Pelphrey 2.0
Learning on the job

I think Morris cares a lot and works really hard though - so I can’t say he’s Pel 2.0

I tried to key in on that but couldn’t. I did see them run pass and run out of same formations. So that assertion is false. I thought they threw 50 passes. So if you predicted pass it was right most of time. I could predict interception too. Get in red zone, it was likely going to be a pick. Easy to predict.

I was talking about when we run the ball it’s 90 percent out of gun formation in the 2x2 or 3 x1 sets. My big thing is why not mix up the formations and run the ball. This offense is very vanali and very predictable beside the little gadget plays that he throws in every week… Who is calling the plays? It seems to me that Morris has taken over the play calls based off of the playcard on the sideline… Most OC’s going have that play call sheet the size of a desk Calendar so they can look at there situational, formations and down and distance check offs during the game…

I don’t worry about who calls them. Head coach gets credit or blame.

He needs to get it!

So if they run the ball 90 percent of the time on that formation – and I assume you have counted the plays and know the numbers – then that 10 percent I bet really throws the defense for a loop when they don’t run it. They threw 50 times and that’s a big percentage of the plays. That’s too many.

Anyway you look at it… It’s Bad!

No argument. I probably don’t pay as much attention to the formation. More on the blocking execution within each play.