Forgiven, I suppose, but not forgotten

Apologies have been issued, but I have to chime in a bit on things. One of the worst things in the Sprinkle incident, maybe the worst, is that it brought on a lot of racist remarks. Horrible remarks.
As for the Morgan incidents, there is a lot strangeness, it seems to me. As bad as it was, the spitting deal was not the greatest concern to me. It was the boo-boos early in the third quarter that directly led to the unraveling. It was strange in the was he went about mishandling the pass on the first play; it was strange on the fumble but strangest of all were the mistakes Drew made on the long pass. Was it all a case of Tech making things happen? Or, was it a case of the Hogs letting things happen? To me that is the difference between winners and losers.

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