Forgive me if already discussed, but was that Stephen Jones at the Cowboy game..................

…in Atlanta Sunday. In the sky box celebrating the Cowboy win behind Jerry with his cousins? I guess his parents took a detour on the way back to Fayetteville after the game in Starkville. I assume that Sunday is a free day for players and, as long as they are back in Fayetteville by curfew, they are free to spend time with their family before they return from an away game.

Don’t know what the after game Saturday night or Sunday team requirements are. But I sure hope JSJ isn’t making himself an exception to the rules because of the family tie and undermining CCM. If Jerry allows it or requested it then it really stinks.

I assume Grayson Gunther was allowed to go home with his family and make it back to Fayetteville on his own on Sunday. When its a home game I would guess all players are free to spend time with their family doing whatever they want as long as they make Sunday night curfew or evening meetings. I am not saying this is a bad thing. I am just curious if that was our 4th string QB hanging out with his family in Atlanta Sunday.

If the head coach doesn’t travel with the team to road games and instead comes in later on a private jet I have no problem with a player not traveling back with their teammates and instead hopping a private jet ride back late Sunday.

Actually, I do have a big problem with both. As I said early on and was crucified for it the first year for a HC is very important in terms of establishing an overall culture and a tone for the program - first impressions are everything . Road games are business trips and the fact the new CEO of our company doesn’t travel with his new employees is not a good look IMO and what happened in Starkville tells me our “ culture” problems are still festering.

I support CCM and like a lot that I’ve seen to date but him being absent from the team the night before road games is a screw up IMO.

Sundays are not off days. There are practices Sunday night and that is typically when younger players get a lot of work.

I watched the Cowboys game Sunday and saw all of the shots of Jerry’s box. I never saw John Stephen in any of those shots. I haven’t seen him in any this year.

Maybe he has a cousin who looks a lot like him. The guy I saw was in the third row behind Jerry and Stephen Jones and their wives. He is giving a taller guy who looked about the same age a high five. This happened twice after a big play late in the game and after the winning kick. Again, I am not trying to stir up trouble. As long as they make the Sunday scheduled practice or meeting, etc. I assume all players are free to sleep in, go to Church, go on a picnic with their girlfriend, whatever!

Has CCM missed every road game flight with the team to watch his son play the night before?
Unique situation I guess, probably discussed & agreed upon during hiring process.

The head coaches at Clemson and Oklahoma State do the same thing. Morris gets to be the only college coach visible and present at a high level Texas high school game, including playoffs, every Friday instead of tucking in his team at the hotel. How this can be a major problem in some people’s minds is amazing.

Yes - I know for sure this was the case for CSU and as for MSU Drew Vest ( the new OL POW commit) said he called Coach Fry on Friday to commit and he was asleep. So he called Sean Tuhoy Jr. who was at the Tupelo airport waiting on Morris who was flying in from Dallas.

Do we think the norm around the country for HCs with sons in HS is to watch them play and then fly separately on private jets to join their teams who flew charter earlier in the day? Of course not - what Morris is doing is the exception to the rule and given how awful Arkansas performed at CSU, MSU, and Auburn I think it’s fair to question the team’s focus and preparation for road games thus far in the CCM tenure. When the cats away the mouse will play…

Are you telling me when Clemson is on the road Swinney watches his son’s play and then takes a private jet separately arriving late in the night well after the team. Are you sure about that? I know Morris said Swinney watches his sons play, but I don’t think he watches his son’s when Clemson plays on the road. Only Clemson home games.

John Stephen Jones was in Fayetteville on Sunday not in Atlanta.

Grayson Gunter was also in Fayetteville.

This isn’t high school.

whether he went on the road to see his son Will played for Daniel High when he was in high school.

But I am not going to assume I know what he does or not.

I do know that Bob Stoops did when his sons were in high school, because one of them told me that he did when he visited here.

I know Mike Gundy did it.

As I have said with Morris or anyone else, I don’t have a problem with it if they do.

In my opinion, it has nothing to do with this 2-9 season.

I think 2-9 has more to do with talent than CCM being gone to watch his sons on Friday night. The pre-game issue Saturday came while CCM was with the team, not when he was away. In fact, we’ve heard of no problems occurring on Friday night when he’s been away. I imagine Chief and several other coaches have the ability to lay down the law if necessary. These are supposed to be men, not boys (although we know some grow up quicker than others). If CCM was still a high school coach, being away on Thursday night when his team’s in a hotel and he’s flying off to watch his kid’s junior high game, you would have a point.

I believe you are referring to Charlotte Jones Anderson’s boys. They were both there. One is in school at UA and I think the other is still in high school.