Forgive me, but ...

I quit reading Nate Allen’s article when it said “University of Arkansas–Fayetteville”, period. Not interested in the shrimp’s (Wally) forcing me to rename the University.

Maybe our politicians need to address this issue and put it to rest. I’ll be glad to see the end of it.
Actually the person whom made the decisions should come out and own up to this decision. That would take some backbone so it won’t happen! Spineless!

You want the government to interfere with the free press?

Ever heard of the First Amendment?

I agree about Wally, but this isn’t his doing. He’s only doing what he’s been told to do just like the others on that staff.

Consider yourself forgiven, brother. I dearly miss the “old fashioned” news reporting where they (mainly) just gave you “That’s how it is” without trying to inject their own slant. Do not mind opinion articles (which I can read, listen to, or whatever should I decide to, or not), but not in every news article (with some clearly not reported or reported inaccurately to meet their own agenda). They are not the ones to decide what the University should be called, though they are welcome to print an opinion article on such should they choose and label it as such (and it AIN’T front page material). In case you cannot tell, this is a major “burr under my saddle” regarding all of the major television networks and most of the newspapers, with your mention of trying to change the name of the U. of A. being just one small part.

When I begin reading feature articles now and come across the identifier “-Fayetteville”, I quit reading. So, Clay et al, the secret will be to write without referring to the UoA, because “-Fayetteville” will be added, and I will quit right there. Others read, but they become incensed. Easy way out–just don’t give them the opportunity.

Living in Austin, I can tell you the day that local high circulation papers refer to it as the University of Texas - Austin, as if the flagship were just a distinction of some like UT- San Antonio, it would be the end of days for whatever agenda pushed it.

No way the flagship U should be marginalized no matter how much an affiliate to U may want it.

U of A is a major brand for the state and major identifier.

Start marginalizing that brand for small intra state politics and the national brand will suffer.

And at a time when we want Arkansas to play big on national scene.

Unbelievable what we do to ourselves.

In all seriousness, do you think UA is losing any recruits because the newspaper is adding a qualifier when referencing UA?