Forgive me but I so love any Baylor beat down

Knowingly recruit rapists and play rapists over multiple years, and unleash them on their campus while leadership turns a blind eye, you should lose everything you do.

Just an opinion

Didn’t see this one coming…Gamecocks in Elite Eight.

I’m pulling for the bears basketball and the girls
It’s not the football bunch

Any doubts now of why South Carolina was seeded higher than Arkansas?

They can ball!

I don’t have any doubts that they can ball, but so can the Hogs. No reason to think had we had that seed that we could not be in the Elite Eight, too.

Probably unbiased refs would have put us in the round of 16 with a shot
at the elite8.

Happy to see the SEC win over the Bears.

hard to blame the loss all on the refs when we don’t score for 3:30 at the end of the game

USC broke the SEC-Big12 tie rather convincingly.

True, but on the other hand, part of the reason we didn’t score in the last 3:30 might be because of some of those terrible calls that went against us, or the non-calls that should have been called against UNC and weren’t. Just a thought…

Hard to predict what would have happened if the call had gone our way. We were down just one. The calls sometimes change the flow of the game. Only thing you can say definitively is that if the call had gone our way, it does not necessarily mean we would have won.

A great defensive team shows up every night, a great offensive team takes a night off every now and then at the most unopportune time. WPS

That is a fact! The MAIN reason Coach B is 25-26, lack of defense.