Forgive if already discussed-Did the 2 technicals effect the officiating today.........................

…it just seemed to me that we lost most of the 50/50 calls today. It seemed Tennessee got the benefit of the doubt on calls like they were playing at their place. I don’t know what Beard and Barford said that generated the two technicals in the Bakersfield game but it seemed like these three officials had a chip on their shoulders aimed at the Hogs. I normally don’t blame the officials automatically but we got no breaks today and I wonder why.

I thought the officiating was as fair as I’ve seen. I thought the “bad” calls were pretty normal in the flow of a game.

I thought the officials made a point to let the teams play and only called fouls they needed to maintain control.

Typically I never think the refs treat the Hogs fairly. Today I had my gripes but overall I thought they let them play. They always miss some and today they called a foul on the Vols that was a clean block.

Tennessee fans I encountered on Facebook think the refs screwed them. Which is pretty typical. Fans that lose a close one always tend to blame the zebras.

I think UT has a legitimate gripe about the fourth foul call on Williams. Looked like a clean block.

But I thought two of the calls on Beard were shaky.
The last one was total fakery by the UT player. No way Bears could have pushed him that far.

I definitely think there were bad calls on both sides. I usually don’t get bent out of shape about the refs, and I certainly didn’t think they had a chip on their shoulders. I do think they over-reffed at the wrong times, which is usually my gripe. They let them play at time and then really start blowing whistles. Just call it loose or call it close, but don’t call it both ways in the same game. That always annoys me.

I can’t gripe and I’m a known ref griper. They missed a lot but Tennessee also had 4 guys foul out, I think.

Should have called afoul with one second left. Jones should have been at the line for the win. He was under cut on that rebound put back. Probably would have put it back in on that play without the run under.

That was a foul. I have seen that most refs don’t call it because that would decide the game on a FT with no time remaining. They are afraid they would get called for deciding the game.

It was a fowl and should have been called.
If we had lost this game by one point there
would be a lot of discussions. If the Vols had
made two free throws rather than one, we
might not have even seen an overtime.

What should that fowl have been called? Chicken? Turkey? Duck? Pheasant? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Comments: I agree CJ was fouled on his tip attempt and should have gone to the line, and the block on Beard was actually a missed charge call against the Tennessee ball handler. Personally from my perspective Tennessee received several breaks for this to be a road game for them. Similar complaints could be raised against the broadcast crew that came across Tennessee homies. Although this was an Arkansas home game I noticed the SEC network had Bradley back in the studio…