Forget LSU...

They are toast for next weekend. Just put a bunch of extra workload on their best starting pitcher’s arm! That may come back to bite LSU in the butt. I don’t buy any jinx, but LSU almost all years has been the top baseball program in our conference with great talent & coaching. We are closing that gap!

Our bats will wake up & looks like our pitching is solid going into the regional. I don’t really care if we win the SEC-T. It meant zero last year & wont this year. Florida still beat LSU in Omaha. I want us to show up & show out these next three weeks! I’d rather beat LSU in a few weeks in Omaha when it really counts.

Screw LSU. Y’all oughta have to live &work around these people.

Nobody ought to have to be around those people. I suppose you do. My heart goes out to you. Stay strong.

Rebnecks are grilling the Corndogs now. It’s 7-1 in the seventh.