Forget Gus....

Looks like he is going to the SEC championship game. So creative on offense.

Before the game I noticed Auburn has only 2 SR on that defense. :shock:

I thought it was unrealistic to begin with, but forget it now.

No way he comes to AR if they win. Better have good plan B

Win-win :lol:

Alabama is playing like they want to keep Gus at Auburn! Geez in saban like

This will be the worst Bama has been beaten in years!

Gus clearly spewed a bad word. Anyone could read his lips.

Ya. He isn’t leaving with the team he has and after this Iron Bowl domination. They may win the whole thing this year if they have enough healthy RBs.

If UGA beats them we still have a shot


Get ready for a good ole boy bidding war. We can out dumb these Alabama plains money rednecks. We got nothing better to do than go even deeper over heads in the stadium expansion bs. Double down damnit. Footballs. Gus will be here if the money wants.

I suppose UGA could beat them given AU’s RB injuries but those teams played a few weeks ago and AU absolutely drilled them.

Before we get all ga ga over Gus and him beating Bama, thinking he can come here & do it.
Better have a good look at Aub talent across the board on Offense & Defense. With Gus’s top 5 recruiting classes which has allowed big redshirt classes the last 2-3-4 years. Talent wise it mirrors Bama’s & just about as deep.