Forget Freshman of the Year, is there a better

…candidate for SEC Player of the Year than Moses Moody? I don’t think so.

Moses has delivered just as I expected plus more. I took so much heat on this forum promoting Mason Jones to turn pro, so Moses signs with us. I could say I am relieved but I never doubted that he would deliver.

The area where he is exceeding my expectations is taking charge on the offensive end and being the first option. I had never seen him do that in his high school career and thought it would take until his sophomore year for that to happen. Well, that started happening in the second half of this season.

A special player.


Somebody from Bama is probably going to win it (Herb Jones?) but I agree with you.

We should have POY and COY.
But Bama probably gets both.

Alabama had most of their top players returning. CEM had new recruits and transfers. We lost 80% of our scoring. We have the same record as Bama. How does the Bama coach win SEC coach of the year based on these facts? He probably will(old SEC school bias ?) I just don’t get it.

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Bama was picked fifth and won the league. We were picked sixth and finished second. Pretty close as far as exceeding expectations.

League winners tend to get the awards even when there are other more deserving. Seen it too many times.

Just look at D-mac for an example… He should have gotten a Heisman his sophomore year but Ohio State was winning big and it goes to Troy Smith with the added excuse well its really only awarded to Juniors or seniors. So… Junior year… Florida and Tim Tebow are winning big and it goes to Tebow, but it should have went to D-mac because just the previous year we were told Sophomore are not really given the award. Tebow was a sophomore. Now I can’t really argue against Tebow that year he was fantastic, but they moved the goal post and gave it to a sophomore and that was wrong. And that pretty much sums up Arkansas when it comes to getting big time awards. Unless we win a conference, its damn hard for us to get any of the big awards.

Freshmen rarely win player of the year in the SEC. It has only happened four times, and one year when AP picked a freshman while coaches picked a senior.

If Moody wins this year it will most likely be because of AP voters. I tend to think he’ll be freshman of the year in both votes, but not player of the year. He has a strong case for best player, though.

However, remember the year Bobby Portis was POY, Arkansas finished second in the SEC just like now. So, there is a precedence.

Arkansas should get the following awards

COY - Muss
POY - Moses
FOY - Moses
First team SEC - Moses, Justin
Third team - Tate
Freshman honorable - Devo, Jaylin

And if there is Assistant Coach of the Year - David Patrick.

And Homer of the Year - Coach Z :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Agree with all pj, except

Homer of the year:
Should be one of us candidates on this board.

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I kinda think Cam Thomas will be freshman of the year since he leads the league in scoring. Even though his team has underachieved.

I thought the same at one time, but Moses has really opened some eyes lately. He is getting a lot SEC Network pub.

If you look at the full body of work from Moody, even when his shots from the floor aren’t falling he finds his points another way at the FT line while at the same time causing opponents to rack up fouls.
Minimal TO’s

The hustle for loose balls he converts to assists and a score.
He makes his team better in every way. By example of his play.

Do you not remember Moses said publicly and emphatically that he hoped both Mason and Joe returned. He knew he fit in the line-up as the SF, with Joe at the SG, and Mason at the 4/PF/gtg. Everything worked out great though, because we might not have got Smith if Mason had stayed (I’m not sure about this because I don’t remember at what point Smith signed with us).

Thomas is going to win because all most people look at is points scored.

However, the objective voter would realize the only reason Thomas is scoring more is because he is a higher volume shooter.

Moody hits higher % from the floor and higher % from 3. Moody has more rebounds, blocks, steals, and assists per game average than Thomas. He also averages fewer turnovers.

Only place Thomas has Moody is FT %.

Yes he said that publicly. Keyword there is publicly. I trust my sources on this one. Michigan. Again, it is in the past. I am just happy it worked out the way I hoped, except I wasn’t counting on Isaiah leaving.

Also Isn’t there a Sixth Man of Year. Who better than Notae?

Quinerly is averaging 12.0 off the bench for the Ocean Scum. JD has a better average but again we didn’t win the league.

Coach Z should get a lifetime achievement award in homer, LOL. LOVE that guy!


I am very glad for his decision to become a Hog, if only for this one very strange and interesting season. Frankly, his contribution as a freshman has been superior. It’s not just points. Like last night;, take him off the court for just 3 minutes, and voila, the other team makes up 10 points or so.