Foreman QB

Went to the Foreman-Mt Ida game last night and came away impressed with the Foreman qb. He looks to be in the 185-190 area and is a blur. Is anyone looking at him as a rb or db?

You saw a rematch of last season’s Class 2A title game, which Foreman won 24-21.

The young man you speak of is Kyren Baty (5-10, 190), a senior who rushed for 2,043 yards as a junior. and is credited with having 4.3 speed.

He had 211 yards rushing in the title game and was named the MVP while also making two big tackles at the end and blocking a kick.

Mt. Ida had downed Foreman 36-7 in the regular season.

I’m not sure about his recruiting status, but I am sure he will get a chance to play somewhere, just not at which level.

Legit 4.3 speed & 190 lbs & you mentioned running ability & game saving tackles.
There’s our new safety or slot receiver or wildcat back or prospect ???

About 20 yards a carry and 5 TDs :slight_smile: