The weather does not look favorable to play tonight. There is a 45 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms at first pitch, with increasing chances until about midnight.

This is the time of year when storms start developing in the middle of Oklahoma late in the afternoon and push into our area about an hour before sundown.

I’m really looking forward to watching baseball tonight, too.

Thanks a lot, Oklahoma.

I hate Oklahoma.

The latest looks like the storms won’t arrive until between 7 and 8, then will persist throughout the night.

I grew up there. This was the time of year we kept a flashlight and a radio in the cellar, and when the sirens went off it became a community gathering… right outside the cellar!

Any chance of an early first pitch to beat the storm?

Will they start the game will they cancel it? When will we know?

It sounds like the game will begin on time and they will play for as long as they can.

I’m no meteorologist, but looking at the future map on, it appears it will be clear until the game has been played about an hour, then a strong cell may move close enough to stop things down for an hour or so. After that, the heavy stuff should stay away for 2-3 hours. It may rain but possibly not so much that they can’t play. Might be one of those games that starts at 6:30 and ends at 11:45. We’ll see. … ayer=radar

It is definitely slow moving. The higher chances are later in the night each time I’ve looked at the forecast.