Forecast for season

I hate to say it, but, we will be lucky to win 4 games this year. Georgia would have beaten us today 55-0. I hope we get a lot better, but we look dead last in the SEC West. Please, make me eat those words.

Yeah I really can’t see more than 5 and may not get that…CSU and NT offenses are light years better than Eastern Illinois.

We are not strong enough on the o-line land d-line to compete in the SEC right now about 2 yrs away probably.

It is probably going to be another tough season. We just aren’t good enough along the offensive or defensive lines. We have nothing that resembles a run game. I haven’t seen anything from the defense that makes me think there will be much improvement there either. Going to take a couple of years of good recruiting to climb out of this hole Bielema dug.

You doom and gloomers kill me. We gave up 50 to USC in the 2006 opener, then won the next 10 games and the division. What happens today has exactly zero to do with the rest of the season – unless Greenlaw is out for an extended period. Then that matters.

And the same would be true if we were up 80-0. It’s one game, nothing more, working out the kinks.

I just hope to see improvement - Morris inherited a train wreck and the personnel on both line of scrimmages is lacking winning level SEC players.

Recruit Recruit Recruit

It’s called reality… without all those turnovers they gave us it would have been down to the wire against a team that is probably the worst team will see all season…

We got 3 weeks to work out the Kinks as you say before the four game stretch of reality hits us… I and pretty sure we were pretty vanilla today and that hopefully it’s true so I hope you’re right but both lines of scrimmage have a long ways to go to compete in the Sec.

I hope we were holding back on offense. Where were the motion, screens, draws, reverses? But, we won big. I expect improvement. We will be ok next week.

I’m sure we stayed about as vanilla as the uniforms on offense. Yes, the lines are a concern, but it is just one game. I wouldn’t pick a winner of a football game very often one/twelfth of the way into it, so no sense in giving up on this team just yet. I’d rather look pedestrian at best in the opener and improve as the season goes on than start in mid-season form and it all fall apart.

Nothing about today’s game affects my view of the season. I was only able to see parts of it as I was riding & trying to watch on my phone, but from what I could tell we’re maybe a bit better in some ways than I feared. Still, it’s hard to tell much from an opponent of EIU’s quality. Our running game was poor, but Storey looked nice throwing. D created some TO’s, so that was encouraging. Lots of players got some PT.

I still see 5-6 wins. Ole Miss looked good today & that was a game I thought we might win. Still might, but they looked good against much better competition than we faced. MSU is looking good against weak competition.

It’s too early to tell much. Just hope we came out without any injuries. Dre’s injury concerns me, but at least he was able to walk off under his on power. It’d really hurt to lose him.

A win is a win is a win
We will be fine.


I concur. Our lines were not dominating today. Our secondary was lit up. Our punting was a nightmare. Storey did well today, however, he consistently under threw his receivers. He can’t get away doing that in the SEC. our running game was absent. Glad for the win. We have a loooooong way to go. I really hope the Hogs vastly improve this season and make progress every season afterwards. It will be very challenging.

I waited as long as I could…Just watching the game was an absolute shambolic mess. Without turnovers, It would have been even more of a disaster. I don’t care how many points we scored. Couldn’t run it against an FCS team, when that should at least be our strength? Wow. The O Line technique was awful. Special teams were very shaky. Defense was suspect at best. 80 yards rushing? That’s terrible. We had to yank the starting QB after the 1st qtr. Unreal.

They did not look prepared at all. And stop blaming the previous coach. That had ZERO to do with this. If they do not correct MANY things by next Saturday, CSU will beat us, and EVERY SEC team will as well. We had no problem running the ball under CBB. Now, we can’t even get out of the huddle.

This is what you get when you get a coach and offensive staff that really doesn’t know what they are doing. Defensively, it was more of the same. Remember when CM promised to have the best DC in America? Didn’t look that way to me.

Say what you will, but this was not the way to come out. Yes, they won, but it just looked bad.

You are a complete and utter idiot to say the previous coach has nothing to do with it. This is essentially the same bunch that needed a 4th Q comeback to beat the worst team in the Sunbelt in 2017. This group of players became conditioned to losing and expected it. This coaching staff is not responsible for the dearth of SEC talent at OL, DL, and QB. Nor is it responsible for the culture of losing.

They inherited a train wreck from an incompetent buffon of a man. Picking up the pieces will be a long, arduous task.

In Petrino’s first year they started out by beating 1-AA Western Illinois by one score, needed a furious 4th Q rally to beat Sunbelt ULM and proceeded to be slaughtered by Texas and Alabama… but they kept fighting their tails offf, coaching, developing,etc. and by the end of the year were a competitive, young team that managed to beat LSU in the season finale.

My hope is for the same type of improvement throughout 2018 and beyond.

Welcome back elmo…in a weird way I’ve missed your ramblings.

Saying CBB had no blame in the talent level of this team (OL specifically) is hilarious. Just plain hilarious.

Have a good laugh on a beautiful Sunday morning is a great way to start my day.

And seriously - welcome back. You add something to this board…still trying to figure out what but nevertheless…


Elmo, you tickle me.

Somewhat like a dog that is so ugly it’s cute, your statements are so misinformed it’s entertaining.

Well, I think our offensive line has a long way to go. Perhaps it is a product of injuries on the left side. Teams like Alabama and Auburn who have great defensive lines will eat our lunch. But as Coach says, it is a work in progress. On defense, my main complaint was our secondary looked at times like years past. Bumper Pool was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t all that impressed with him when they were recruiting him but he looked good. He’s a kid who doesn’t mind smash mouth football. Lord, we need a bunch of those.

I am not worried about CSU. I saw the first half of their game against Hawaii. Their defense is poor and their quarterback is not as good as his hype. Coach Morris and Chavis are giant steps forward from the previous coaching regime.

Recruiting’s looking pretty good, huh?

Well durn it. Time to sell my season tickets, stop having fun with my friends at the tail gates and stop supporting my university from which I am a proud alumni. The season’s over and we can all look forward to bitching about the basketball team and Coach A . Good grief.

Thank you Dudley. That was very, very funny… :lol: