Ford's hometown turns out for signing


Great story Richard - looks like the Hogs have an unbelievable group coming in. If team ‘chemistry’ is there, no telling how good they can be

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Derrian is probably the best athlete out of Magnolia since Roy Green, who did okay at the NFL level for the Cardinals. Roy was one of the last NFL guys to play both offense and defense. For some reason, JFB and other D-I coaches didn’t recruit south Arkansas much in those days, so Roy ended up at Henderson.

I remember being surprised that Lou Holtz signed Trent Bryant out of Arkadelphia. Trent could play (wound up in the NFL with the Chiefs for several years), but there had been several guys as talented as he was out of Arkadelphia in the 70s that were ignored by D-I.

Anthony Avery ended up at Henderson too. He was good enough to play on the Hill.

Yep I remember Anthony but didn’t remember he was from Magnolia.

Jeff, after Glen Ray Hines was there another high profile football Razorback from the Columbia, Ouachita, and Union counties other than specialists. I cannot recall any after the likes Billy Kyster, Bill Fuller, Buddy Reuter, Jim Mooty, Jim Gaston, Wayne Harris, etc., from the fifties and sixties. After Broyles retired Holtz pretty much ignored instate “acorn-hunting” recruiting. In retrospect, it seems Hatfield would have re-discovered the football talent of the area. Basketball was a somewhat different story in Razorback yield.

I can’t think of any between GRH and Trent. But it wasn’t just those three counties. JFB pretty much ignored everything south of Pine Bluff for about a decade. Seems like I remember a kid from Arkansas High (Texarkana) who became a Longhorn because Frank didn’t recruit him either.

As I recall, OU was sniffing around Trent for a while and that may have prompted Lou to recruit him.

I remember something like that but can’t remember the name.

Gralyn Wyatt maybe. That name sticks in my mind. Late 70s.

And here’s the 1976 EOE roster in alphabetical order. RB from Texarkana.

Redpig, don’t forget about Smackover with the Burnett brothers (Bobby and Tommy, who both graduated high school at Smackover; also, Bill started there and later graduated at Bentonville after the Burnett family moved); Joe Black (an all-SWC linebacker); and Jack Hunt (a backup wide receiver); all in the early to mid-60’s. JFB reportedly made the comment during one of his recruiting visits to Smackover, surely tongue-in-cheek, “This is where I make my living–from Smackover down to the Louisiana line.”. (He probably made remarks like that in every little town he visited, lol.) That was in the early to mid-60’s; after that, his recruiting in that area did dry up, as noted.

Hines was a little after the Burnetts left Smackover for Bentonville, I think.

Of course, Barry Switzer being from Ashley County recruited Pine Bluff and SEA along with Central Arkansas and the remainder of the State.

Hines would have graduated from El Dorado High School in around 1960 since he was a senior on the U of A football team in 1965, if my memory serves me correctly. The Burnetts moved from Smackover to Bentonville in 1962 (to be closer to Fayetteville so they could watch Bobby and Tommy play).

Looks like GRH graduated from EDHS in 1961. Bobby Burnett was actually a few months older than GRH and they both finished at UA in 1965, so they may have been in the same recruiting class. Freshman team in 61, redshirt in 62, play in 63-64-65.

Bobby graduated from SHS in the class of '61, so that would be correct. As a sidenote, and sort of ironically to this conversation, Bobby broke his leg in the first game of his senior year–against EDHS. He missed his entire senior year of football.

Those kids were tough as shoe leather. They had to be from 1958 for the next ten years it took a lot of want to to make the two deep and survive Wilson Matthews.

Remember, that was the era of very limited substitutions; you could come out once per quarter or something like that (I have no idea how they kept track of that). And there were no special teams. If you weren’t on the first two teams, you didn’t play. My Dad, who was a center/linebacker, got into one varsity game (made a tackle against Baylor in '59). Dad said it was garbage time (for 1959, a 23-7 lead was a blowout) and he played the last two minutes.

Part of the reason we had the special season in '64 was JFB was the first coach to really take advantage of more liberalized substitution rules which began that year. Most coaches, including Darrell Royal, had most of their people playing both ways.

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