Forde says Lousiville should get the Death Penalty from NCAA … 30063.html

He actually says they should get the death penalty. I don’t think any decision has been made.

He actually says they should get the death penalty. I don’t think any decision has been made.
[/quote]You are absolutely correct - poor choice of words on my part. Although, in reading the article, PF seems convinced that it’s when, not if, the hammer will fall on them.

Have edited my subject line now.


I don’t think any team will ever get the death penalty again after the way it decimated SMU. That’s not to say Louisville won’t get punished, but I don’t think it will be that punishment.

The NCAA is not going to shut any programs down. They could keep them out of the tournament for a long time, reduce scholarships, and put some show cause orders out there that will finally force some of these frequent flyers on Shady Airlines out of the coaching profession.

I think a multi-year postseason ban can be as effective to curtailing problems as the death penalty. Who will want to go to Team X if they know the team won’t be able to go to the postseason for a few years?

The true death penalty in sports is over.
They need to criminally prosecute the coaches that are guilty of criminal wrong doing and schools that are stupid enough to hire dirt bags as coaches schould suffer Sanctions. Winning at all cost is alive and well at some schools.

We’ve already noted the inclusion of Auburn and Okie Lite in the allegations, as they have assistant coaches charged.

But University 2 named in the indictment is described as a “public research university located in South Carolina with over … 30,000 students”. There is only one school that meets that description. I tend to refer to their teams as the Poultry. However, it seems that what happened is that several of the co-defendants conspired to defraud University 2 and other schools by paying bribes to athletes or their families, and that this conspiracy may have deprived University 2 of control of some of its assets, including allocation of athletic scholarships, and may also have exposed University 2 to NCAA sanctions if this activity was revealed. Lamont Evans, the Okie Lite assistant named in the indictment, is also a former South Carolina assistant.

How is Nke not also being investigated? Does anyone truly believe that Kentucky and Cal have not been doing this very exact thing?

More on the Gamecock angle:

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These very public arrests of little fish assistant coaches today is just the start. They want these guys to roll over on the big names. Watch it happen. This is gonna explode.

It’s gonna go way beyond the six schools included in today’s indictment too. (I was about to say “named” or “listed” but they weren’t).

Pitino is the ultimate Teflon man. Remember his personal sex scandal prior to the stripper scandal.