Ford to ASU


Surely, he had better options.

He did. I think I mentioned awhile back being close to home would be a big factor.


I hope he likes losing.

If he committed to Balado I would agree with this, but to early to say how new coach will do. Great pick up for him here.

This is third nice transfer for new coach Hodgson since taking over. He was Oats’s top recruiter at Alabama. He was also with Oats in Buffalo. Not sure what his role was there.

I expect Hodgson to bring Buffalo type of recruits to ASU. Time will tell but seems ASU did well with this hire.

Ford has always acted in a good manner and seems to be a very respectful young man. I wish him the best of luck and hope he succeeds on the court, even if it is for the ASU.


Tend to agree. Time will tell.

Happy for Senor Ford, I hope he does really well on the eastern side of the state.

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Louisiana Tech or ULM would have been options closer to home, too


Hope he has a great career there. I appreciate him committing to the Hogs. He was a big time recruit and losing him would have looked bad. Seems like a good kid.

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He was largely responsible for 3 high school state championships in 4 years, over 100 wins, and only 2 losses. No, I don’t think he likes losing.

I hope Ford does well at ASU. You would think the opportunity for him to be in their rotation and play more minutes in that rotation would be much greater than at Arkansas. It’s not a knock on the kid, he just needs to play a lot of minutes to become a really good college player in a year or two.

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Hope he does well, ASU continues toward mediocrity, and the Hogs never play them again, specially while DF is there!

But probably wasn’t as good as a fit. Distance was a factor but so was the fit. I think the new coach at ASU will be the best hire they’ve had in a long time.