Ford set to visit Vandy

That will be a good fit for Derrian.

That would probably be a real good fit for him.

They certainly have some playing time available this portal season, and if I recall Stackhouse likes to play 8-9 if he’s got enough dudes. Might need to work on the outside shooting a bit, but sounds like a good opportunity to keep playing power conference basketball at a respectable program.

I thought the SEC had passed a conference rule that you could not jump to another league school via portal? Or was that in football? If so, why just football?

Or maybe I’m just bat sh1t crazy!

Because it’s football uber alles, of course. And you could jump to another school in football if you entered the portal at the right time. Now ain’t that time.

Yes. Remember Brazile came over from Missouri! Jaxson Robinson from A&M.

Yes I know and we traded a few football players back and forth with LSU. I know all this.

I was thinking this was just a new rule passed recently. When they were trying to address some of the craziness from the portal/NIL wild west fest that’s going on. In fact I think I just recently read an article that other conferences are getting the benefit due to the SEC restrictions forcing players to jump out of conference.

Maybe its just during certain times and certain portal windows. I’ll admit, getting old and memory is not what it once was anymore. Nor have I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express recently.

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