Ford set to lead Arkansas in Mike Conley Challenge (story)



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This is the first I ever remember hearing of the Mike Conley Challenge. Is that always an Arkansas vs. Tennessee high school all-star thing? Sounds pretty cool.

It’s the ninth one.

And yes - Arkansas vs Tennessee

Any TV or stream for that, DD?

Muss knows where to go for Real Deal info

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Not that I am aware of right now

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I’m so glad you posted this. I’ve been to several of these. I wasn’t aware it was being played this year. I think the last one I saw was played at Hall. I’m a little bummed that Nick isn’t playing in this one.

I believe the rule is just two All-Star games and Nick is already locked in two national ones.

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NSJ has a game coming up in a few days, that little contest known as the McDonald’s All American game

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