Ford highest ranked Muss recruit per Rivals


It’s exciting to see Ford stay home and play for the hogs. Things have changed.

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The post says 5 others from Arkansas chose to stay home too

I think Ford slides down a little in those rankings. Still impressive.

Hard to believe Devo wasn’t a top 100 recruit

At times last season he was best player on court for Hogs


Devo is almost a Sidney Moncrief level talent, but, like Sidney, 3-point shooting was not his best skill. With Marvin and US Reed it was not needed. Sid would probably have been rated like Devo if he was coming up now. A 6-4 player without an outside shot is not going to get rave ratings these days. Now, if Devo can refine his 3-pointer to a high level, the sky is the limit with his talent and physical skills.

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Yes that’s what I mean about times have changed. The quality of instate players within the state of Arkansas have not stayed and played for the hogs as much prior to the hiring of Muss! The hogs are getting closer to the top again.

US Reed played center in HS for my buddy Jerry Rook. Coach Sutton offered him late. US developed his outside shot once he arrived on the hill. One of my favorite players. Good Pine Bluff youngster.

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Prior to Muss, Malik Monk and KeVaughn Allen are the two that left the state. We got rest of them. Madden, Mickleson, Beard, Portis, Gafford, Hall, Sills, Garland, Joe, Henderson, Hill. Of course there are some who flew under the radar, were not recruited and did well elsewhere like Applebee.

Since Muss arrived, McBride is the only one that left the state.

I am betting if Muss stays long enough, Monk and Allen situations will happen to him too. No one can win them all.

IMHO, the problem before Muss wasn’t instate recruiting, it was recruiting high profile out of state players. Out of state recruiting is where Muss has made a huge difference You cannot win championships just on instate recruiting.

We know why Monk and Allen left. I am betting if Muss stays here long enough

It’s almost like Archie Goodwin never existed

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He is from Pelphrey era. I didn’t want to go further than the previous coach. List gets much longer if you go back to Sutton days.

Goodwin did commit after CMA got here, but the deal was done by the time he arrived.

Can’t you then say the same for McBride?

I believe the only one Muss has lost is Chris Moore, though he clearly had a late start

A lot of truth there. Muss could soon be in a position of national recruiting, if not already there, and have to pass on some highly qualified Arkansas players in order to take the absolute top of the class nationwide. That is a reflection of both the improvement of the program and the improvement of high school basketball in Arkansas. With scholarship limits this is inevitable. Let’s hope Muss stays here long enough to see this come to pass.

That’s not true. Anderson kept quite a few or brought back different talent from Arkansas. This line keeps getting repeated, but simply isn’t true.

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Every head basketball coach in every state will lose highly ranked in-state recruits that he wanted. There is no such thing as that “invisible fence”. You just hope that the coach will get the majority that he really wanted. With Muss, I believe that will be the case. With Pelphrey, and the like, I completely understand why we missed on several.

You are right hog2009. I forgot that about McBride and then Chris Moore,

People keep saying stuff like this and it’s not fair to Davis or Moncrief at all. Davis had a really good second half of his freshman season. He was a key player in an elite 8 team, and for the season averaged 8.5 PPG 4.5 RPG and 2.1 APG in 30 games (23.8 MPG. He made 2 3s in 30 games on 13 attempts.


Moncrief was/is a Pro/NBA and College HALL OF FREAKING FAMER and was:

  • 5Ă— NBA All-Star

  • All-NBA First Team

  • 4Ă— All-NBA Second Team

  • 2Ă— NBA Defensive Player of the Year

  • 4Ă— NBA All-Defensive First Team

  • No. 4 retired by Milwaukee

  • Consensus first-team [All-American]

  • Second-team [All-American]

  • Third-team All-American

  • SWC Player of the Year

Career NBA statistics

Points 11,931 (15.6 ppg)


3,575 (4.7 rpg)

Assists 2,793 (3.6 apg)

Devo had a great 15 games or so and it looks like he’s going to have a very good Arkansas career, but MERCY he has a lot of heavy lifting left to be almost a Moncrief-level talent.

Moncrief has more All American honors (in different years) than Davis has career 3-pointers.

Moncrief is in more Halls of Fame (NBA, College, Arkansas) than Davis has 3 pointers.

Let’s let the kid’s career play out a little—maybe more than essentially half a season since he wasn’t playing a lot early—before we anoint him almost Moncrief. I mean, really. It’s a lot.


Consider me shocked! Moncrief only average 4.7 rbs a game? I would have lost that bet!

It is right. It says career NBA stats.

Those were his NBA stats.

At 6-4 in the slow(we) 80s-90s NBA over a long career he averaged 4.7 RPG. That’s really good.

That was my point. His NBA stats were very very good. The comp is very premature.

But yes, he averaged about 2xs as many RPG than Davis (in a much slower college game in the 70s)) in college so far.

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I can only think of 4 quality players that left Arkansas in the last 15 years. The rest stayed home. Who were you thinking of?