“Forced Patience”

Ari Wasserman penned an article in The Athletic on what he called “Forced Patience.”

The idea is a simple but interesting one. In the normal course of events, Jimbo Fisher or Mel Tucker might well be looking for work right now, but Texas A&M and Michigan State cannot pay their respective buy-outs. They are forced to be patient and give Fisher and Tucker time to work through rough patches. It’s a fail-safe against the microwave, instant-gratification, prisoner-of-the-moment nature of their profession and our society.

Both TAM and MSU paid a large premium for a good feeling story and now they have buyers remorse.

TAM expects 10 plus wins a year (Johnny Manizel era) . I have no idea what MSU expectations were other than Jim Harbaugh and Michigan remaining an underperforming program which last two years has shown to not be definite.

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