Forbes Article on the cheaters

Will Wade and Sean Miller are guilty as sin. Also, if I talked like they do my momma would wash my mouth out with soap.

In the end, Dawkins and Haney suggest that Miller and Wade — and head coaches in general — weren’t punished was because stronger powers were at work behind the scenes.

“Lack of evidence was not the reason that coaches were not charged,” Dawkins he said of the coaches.

“They could’ve blown this whole thing up if they wanted to and they didn’t because the right people got to the right people and it was stopped,” he said.

I believe that 100%.

With all the evidence in hand and you don’t go after them, how can anyone trust there will ever be a level playing field? If you can cheat with no repercussions then The Auburns, LSUs and Kentuckys will always have the upper hand. Seems wrong and sad.

It all comes down to money. In America (and pretty much everywhere else) if you have or generate enough money you can do whatever you want. There are two sets of rules the ones the average person must follow and those who the wealthy and famous (including coaches and athletes) must follow. It sure makes it less fun to be a fan. I used to watch a ton of college sports, especially hoops, but now only watch the Hogs. This is mainly because of the lack of ethics in college sports. I realize that the Hogs are probably not totally innocent but I can’t help but still follow them…the Razorbacks have been one of my passions since I was 8. You always hear the phrase “I wish I knew then what I know now”, well, I kind of wish I didn’t know what I know now.

What have I been saying? money will protect anyone. We have a choice here. Either join in like everyone else or soon will be. Or we can do nothing, sit back and pat ourselves on the back and continue to virtue signal. All the while watching the cheaters rack up championships and Tournament appearances. I already know the answer from Clay, Dudley, Swiney and the rest. Maybe watching this travesty will start changing a few minds here.

Pat Forde on the same subject: It will come down to LSU and Arizona – and now Iona – justifying why those coaches are still employed.

If Wade & Miller are employed by their respective schools this time next year I’ll be shocked.

But I’ve been shocked over & over on the cheaters in the past.

It will be interesting.

Noticed in the Forde story that LSU declined comment on the documentary. When it’s out there on the 31st, they may not be able to stall any longer. You wonder what kind of lies Wade fed Joe Alleva to keep his job last spring.

Sorry guys. Wade and Miller aren’t going anywhere. They will be on the sidelines next year with their current teams. I suspect you guys know that. So this is nothing but phony outrage and virtue signaling. But if any Arkansas coach was found to have done a tenth of what Miller and Wade have, you would be in the AD’s office demanding their firing.

It’s amazing what a little public embarrassment does. The Chiefs knew about Kareem Hunt abusing a woman in a Cleveland hotel, but when the video came out on TMZ in 2018, he was gone quickly, purportedly for lying to the team (sound familiar?). Putting Wade’s SAO on HBO for everyone to hear may be just what LSU needs to take action.

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