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The Lone Star Rangers of Frisco, Tx, defeated Highland Park tonight at Jerry world in the Texas high school playoffs. Highland Park was led by ex-Razorback commitment Chandler Morris. Reports were that Hanging Chad, since he didn’t have anything else to do, helped Chandler break down the Lone Star defense but for some reason that didn’t help. As a side note, these two teams met during the regular season when ex-Razorback commitment Chandler Morris threw four, count’em four interceptions. And you thought we can’t catch a break?

It seems like we caught one. I hope Criswell comes on board.

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I don’t know about the other Head football coach options but Kiffin is following Jacolby on Twitter.

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Fine game. Went into OT and the Scots couldn’t get it done. Scots have won past three state titles. Lone Star has a great team, led by OU commit Marvin Mims. They will probably win this one. I don’t know if Chandler can excel at the P5 level, but he had a real good high school career. His dad ought to be proud of him. Good luck to him.