For Youdaman and other O-line gurus

The current biguns on our roster were recruited to play in CBB’s pro style Offense. They haven’t played it very well these past couple of seasons for whatever reason. What are the differences in the qualities you look for in linemen for CBB’s Offense and CMM’s Offense? Also, I assume we will be seeing much wider O-line splits in the new Offense. Correct?

The ability to pull and get on the edge to make that first block for the quick passing game.

I always have like the finger tip splits and a lot of those guys have played in some sort of spread in HS, and especially the receivers mostly played in spread sets such as 2x2 or 3x1…

Eagle I think you will see us recruit a different type OL possibly because a lot of Morris run are 5 on 6 which requires the OL to combo block in which they double the point of attack and chip to the LB,The OL spits probably won’t change much 2-3 feet apart because we will run dive reads and pitches and the you want the defense to have to cover from inside out.

I don’t know if the offense is set up for our current OL but will have to see…the best type OL for this offense is usually around 300-305 that can move very quickly unless they are freaks like OKL OT is is 6’8 350 and moves like a cat.

looking forward to seeing how it works out…been wanting to go to this for a while.

this is the offense explained: … had-morris

Alluded to, but not specifically said so far is that the offensive line is going to have to be better conditioned. On average, SMU took a snap every 23 seconds on offense this season. Arkansas took a snap every 28 seconds. It doesn’t sound like much, but that’s a big difference.

The HUNH maintains the threat of the quick snap but doesn’t actually do it THAT often. If you don’t catch the defense being “not ready” you then check away from the initial called play, make the defense wait while your coaches in the box analyze the defensive setup, they phone down the play suggestion, the OC tells the signallers what play to signal, the offense reads the new play call from the sideline and then runs that play. All of that takes almost as long as a huddling, traditional offense takes to call and run the play. That can be sped up or slowed down as needed. If the OC or the QB (if they trust him) sees that the defense is getting gassed or after a big play, he can run a pre-prepared “series” of plays to really speed things up and take advantage of or add to the defense getting worn down.

Averaging running all plays 5 seconds quicker is not that big of a deal, but the reality is there are bursts of very quick play running at critical points during the game that are intended to produce big results, in between taking your time on offense as much or more than traditional offenses while the right play is “selected.” Does anyone keep track of the quickest a play is run and how many of those happen during a game? I bet you those times (for offenses like Morris’) between plays are well into the low teens. You have got to have players conditioned so that they can handle those bursts.

Would add couple points, CM like most of the uptempo coaches wants to go faster if the first down yardage is 5 or more yards and after big plays. Second our defense in practicing against this faster pace will have to be in better shape and more conditioned for when we play similar teams.

Will be interesting to see the Strength and Conditioning staff that joins this new group. My gut tells me that CM was serious when he addressed the team about hitting the ground running after the semester break and there will be some adjusting to the new pace by the existing players. … -room.aspx