? for you Hulu subscribers out there -----------------

---------------- I have been thinking about dumping my YoutubeTV & Philo subscriptions and switching to Hulu for a long time. During this time, a lot of the things that made me hesitate are now gone like the unlimited DVR at UtubeTV, (now available at Hulu too) History Channel, HGTV, etc. Hulu has gradually picked those up so that the only channels, I think, I would miss are the Science Channel and PBS. Swapping them for ESPN+ looks like a deal worth doing. (I pay enough taxes to support PBS that the constant Begathons on their popular shows is getting real old.)

So, what might I be missing? I am looking at pulling the trigger this afternoon to watch the Hog game tonight, so any suggestions or warnings today would be greatly appreciated.

Wait until after the CWS. We’d don’t want you to mess up a good showing by the Hogs.:wink:

If the only way we get the Natty is me listening to all games on the radio only, I will take one for the team bigtime. Where do I get that guarantee and I am in!


My main problem with Hulu is the app crashes a lot on my smart TV. I’m considering switching to YouTube TV or something else because of it. Just need something with History channel

I went through all the possibilities back when You Tube TV lost ESPN. Did a month of HULU and HATED the user interface. Happy to go back to YTTV when they got the ESPN thing settled. And I just bought ESPN+ extra.

The other biggie for me was that I can use YTTV on same subscription when I go to our lake house. Hulu wouldn’t allow that.

I had to add Philo to my YoutubeTV to get History and Science Channels. Hulu has History Channel.

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That is what I am looking for. I want to know the downside info to balance against the upside. Thanks.

I know Hulu does. Hulu just sucks

Is it their customer service, interface, what exactly sucks? Particularly as compared to YoutubeTV?


I can’t compare to anything else. App keeps crashing, Interface isn’t good. Just not a fan, but I don’t think any of the streaming options are particularly good

I didn’t like the HULU interface / guide and at the time they wanted $10 more for the better DVR option. YoutubeTV has added a lot of channels including the History Channel not sure about the Science channel. I haven’t looked at Hulu TV for a year or two so it may have changed. I do have basic Hulu just not the live TV version.

I’m pretty happy with YoutubeTV.

My wife and I watch a lot of PBS shows (Antiques Roadshow, British whodunnits) so find it worthwhile to subscribe to the app. I would like to drop our DirecTV for YTTV, but the wife doesn’t like the YT interface. We had Hulu for a while just for a couple of specific shows but, after having scratched that itch, dropped it when we realized how many streaming services we were subscribed to.

Thanks to everybody who chimed in. I think I may try it for a month to see how I like it. If I switch back to YoutubeTV I will only lose the recordings on the DVR. I will actually save about $20 for that month if I drop Philo as well. I moved my office to my house several years ago so I share a one gig fiber and let the office pay for it, so I hope that the connection will not be an issue. We will see.

We use Hulu on a smart tv. I find trying to watch recorded sports on the dvr extremely frustrating. Sometimes it jumps ahead sometimes jumps back it forces to watch the commercials.

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What’s the problem w Amazon (Fire TV)? I’ve been using for years, wasn’t many other choices then as I recall. Only one I know, don’t have any of the problems mentioned by gr or others, you do have to get your local channels elsewhere, maybe that’s the objection, seems cheap enough, they raised it to 139 yearly I think.

I am not familiar with it. I am considering getting local channels, all of the programs I like to watch, plus ESPN+ with Hulu Live Plus and its around $70 per month. Right now, I have to add Philo at $20 to my YoutubeTV ($65) to get the same WITHOUT ESPN+ and I am paying about $85 per month.

Works well, great interface, TONS and TONS of content. But you have to figure a local channel option. Me, I have 'em (locals), but seldom watch 'em.

Amazon Prime is a service that has its own content, but does not have cable or local channels.

Firestick is simply a streaming device from Amazon) to access the various streaming services. You can do YTTV, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, Fubo, etc on a Firestick.

A lot of people confuse the streaming services with the devices that deliver them.

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You can subcribe to PBS for very little each month and AETN is free with rabbit ears.

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