For you golfers

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I’d take the straight one, but that’s just me. I prefer being able to find it and hit it again.

I definitely want one that’s square at address… but I’m greedy I want both of them🙂. I would take the one with the length and play around with it and find a way to get it in the fairway somehow or at least close LOL

In my youth I was long and wild. Now I’m short and wild. Neither makes for low scores. :smirk:


When I was 21 I was short and wild. Now I’m shorter and wilder.

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Rather be short and straight than long and wrong.
By the way, I have greatly improved my golf game by watching “Golf with Aimee” on Youtube. She does an outstanding job of making golf simple for me to comprehend and execute. Her videos average about six mintues each. Over 600 videos. I started with Golf for Beginners and proceeded from there. Corrected my grip and swing. Corrected my chipping.
Transitioned from swinging my arms to swinging with my body. Brought the club from the inside vice the dreaded over the top move. Started to consistently hit the ball square in the middle of the club face. Chipping has vastly improved. Golf is fun again!
UA…Campus of Champions


I was so bad swinging right handed, which is natural, that I turned around and swung left handed and actually improved. I’m pretty light, so distance has never been my thing. I’d take straight shots and not losing 10 balls per round any day.

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