For whatever it's worth....

I’m certainly no football guru. But I’m 50 years old and have been following the Hogs since I was young and football conscious. I am passionate about and love the Hogs. I consider myself an Arkansan through and through.

I went to college at SMU in the mid to late 80s, graduated from there, and presently live about 5 blocks from the campus in Dallas. I go to a lot of SMU games. One of my daughter’s close friends currently plays for Chad Morris at SMU.

I’ve been highly critical of Bielema the past few years, probably more than I should on a message board. I’ve also been vocal in that I think we should’ve found a way to keep Petrino. I have experienced the ups and downs of being a Razorback football fan enough to know that Petrino won at a clip we’ve not seen, at least in the SEC.

So I think I have enough of a background to at least give my feelings about this apparent hire.

In a nutshell, I think it’s a home run. Incredible. He’s got to emphasize defense. I am confident he will. And his offense is a well-oiled machine. You’ll love it. He’s a good man and will be a fine representative of the Razorbacks.

Good times are coming, folks.

Great post and I agree about Morris. This is a much better hire than Gus. I loved the last two years pf Petrino, but he was a train wreck about to happen. The program would have gone down fast after all that talent left as he did no recruiiting . He is a great offensive coach and need to be where the school gets recruits and I bet he may get fired at Louisville within two years.

So Hawg…do you think we have the offensive talent to run his offense? I’m thinking the RB’s and receivers are. Not sure about the QB position.

I guess I don’t know enough about our O line. That’s where the issues start, in my mind. It’s been atrocious.

I think the receivers do have potential. Chad has coached a great receiver in Courtland Sutton. Google him. He’s NFL talent.

He’ll probably find a serviceable QB out of the bunch, but I think he’ll eventually try to get a runner (Gerry Bohanon?). It’s a HUNH, spread deal. Whaley and the hurt kid from Memphis will do fine as RBs.

Need big Texas linemen. He’s the man to get them, I think.

I understand that Coach Morris has a son ( Chandler ) that is a 2020 grad. that is one of the Best QB’s in Texas and is rated very high nationally. I say, Welcome Home Morris Family. WPS

Thanks hawgjawbend.

What type personality does he have? Introverted/outgoing? Is he a dynamic speaker or not so mucH?

Any info is appreciated.

Couple of things. Yes, his son, I think, is likely the successor to John Stephen Jones next season to quarterback Highland Park (which, again, is deep into the 5A playoffs). Fayetteville will be getting a very good QB if Morris is hired. And, I would not be surprised if this hire gets JSJ to Fayetteville to play QB for the Hogs. Kliff Kingsbury at T. Tech just offered him. I am telling you, young Jones can play D1 football.

Two, he has a great personality. Man of faith, articulate, and because he is a pretty recent HS coach and has a high school son himself, relates well to young men. Very innovative at recruiting. Flys around Metroplex in a helicopter to recruit. Tweets about it, etc. and calls it the Swagcopter I think. Lots of cool videos on Twitter and Instagram. He gets it.

Finally, I was a student at SMU during the death penalty. Trust me, the hangover of that still exists. Academic standards for athletes are not all that relaxed, because there is still faculty and admins at SMU that are embarrassed by what happened and won’t let it happen again. They pay lip service to improving football, but it’s been a very slow go. As an example, they haven’t yet built an indoor facility. Chad Morris is the best coach they’ve had since the death penalty. He’s done a great job. DO NOT look at his win-loss record at SMU and draw negatives from it. Big mistake. And, I think he’d win 10 next year were he to stay and likely be ranked in the top 25.

He doesn’t now, what makes you think he will next year or the next? If memory serves me correct, his team is 119/128 in defense!

That is good information. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the post Hawgjaw. I was lukewarm to this hire at first, but he’s really been growing on me the more I learn about him. I’m now feeling very optimistic about him and loved hearing the info you shared. He may just be exactly what our program needs right now.

Thanks for sharing. Good to get some somewhat inside info.

I’m excited for the 1st time in a long time about football.

Sorry, ex-Aggie coach Sumlin’s was the Swagcopter. Morris’s is the “TempoCopter”. Read this: … elicopter/

I would hope the answer is the same answer I gave about BP and defense. That he was going to fix the defense, he just fixed the offense first. Would have BP have done that? Some say no. I thought at the time “of course he will, it will only make his team better and every coach wants to have as good a team as possible.” Some of the things I read now about BP and his recruiting make me wonder if I was right. So, again, to answer your question, I would expect him to be smart enough to figure out (if you and I can figure it out) that to win in the SEC you have to at LEAST a good defense Great defense is even better. He hasn’t been at SMU long enough to see if he was going to work on defense or not.