For those wondering why Hornsby isn't going to be here on our big recruiting weekend (Jan 17-18)

…apparently, it’s because he will be playing in this All-Star game that weekend.

hopefully he will actually get to play…wasted the kids time in US Army game by giving him only 4 plays.

I’d rather he play four plays and come out healthy than play 20 plays and get hurt.

A free trip to Hawaii for a high school kid? Pretty sweet.

true but they needed to give the kid a chance to show what he can do but they were too busy showcasing the top 2 QB’s.

That’s okay with me too. I don’t want Dabo or Ryan Day seeing him show off and think “hey, maybe we should offer”.

the workouts for the week leading to the game are more important, or at least if you are unsigned and being evaluated. US Army Bowl is never in any manner a waste, it is an honor.

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