For those who think Jerry Palm hates the SEC

Tonight’s bracket update has five SEC teams in the field. He puts Bama in the play-in game in Dayton. He still has us as an 11 seed. Ole Miss is in his first four out. Chickens are an 8, Florida and Kentucky are both 3s.

And from the Palm Reader, Sunday’s games affecting our RPI were Southern Illinois v. Indiana State and Minnesota v. Michigan. Good news: SIU and Minny both won. Minny’s victory helps us two ways: it boosts our OWP and it gives a loss to a Michigan team that might be fighting us for a bid in three weeks.

That’s good news. I just hope we get in the Dance withou being a 8 or 9 seed. If we win win out swine where do you think that puts us?

Good to see the SEC getting some love, however to address your thread title, I haven’t seen anyone say he hates the SEC, but he has been very critical of the league and saying it’s not that good and it’s a 3 bid league all year long. Him putting SEC teams in now when the rest of us that actual have watched the league knew it was better than a 3 bid league bid doesn’t change that he misjudged/still misjuding the league. He followed the narrative of his colleagues that SEC isn’t any good and got embarrassed when the committee put their top 16 out and he badly missed on the seeding of both Kentucky and Florida.

And he also has been getting into it on twitter with Tennessee fans for the past few weeks. He’s not shown them any love at all, not even a first four out list, despite many other bracketlogist, including the best in the business (Lunardi) having them in his bracket. I was watching ESPN earlier and Lunardi said they will be in the field his updated bracket on Monday.

Here’s the latest from tonight.

What Palm will do is, put these brackets out with the normal bias, then right before selection Sunday he’ll put out an accurate bracket so he keeps his good record of predicting the field, fans have called him out on doing that in past years. That’s why I follow Lunardi more closely he tries to project the bracket as close as possible all the time even if it ended today. He doesn’t care anything about what people say about different conferences. He was on Bo’s show and said he thinks we’d make the tournament just by winning the remainder of our home games. Palm was on a couple weeks ago saying we’d need 24-25 wins and some wins in the SEC tournament and said it’s not even a guarantee that would get us in.

You want to be in the 8/9 range over the 11/12 range. If you’re in 11/12 range you’re on the bubble and in snub range. If we’re still predicted as an 11 seed selection Sunday we’ll be sweating until we hear our name. 8/9 range your pretty comfortable. Goal is to get in you can worry about matchups later. And with this year, the 1 seeds aren’t all that strong as most years.

With that said, I do get what your saying about better chance of advancing without playing a 1 seed though. Many people agree with you on that. I just want us to get in though with as least stress as possible on selection Sunday :slight_smile:

I think a 10 seed might be OK. You pretty much know you’re safe, and you don’t get Gonzaga or Kansas in the second round.

Although the Zags kinda remind me of the year Rutgers went undefeated in the regular season, which was the same year Indiana ran the table in 1976. Rutgers got to the Final Four, then got crushed by Michigan and UCLA in the FF (back when they had a third-place game). The most disappointing 31-2 season possible, I guess. The Zags really haven’t played anybody good since they beat Arizona in early December. Last P5 opponent was Tennessee, and they beat the Vols by 10 on 12/18. I don’t count Saint Mary’s as a real test. Point is, Gonzaga is ripe for an upset by someone.

As for what Jerry said about Tennessee, I have to agree with him. A 15-12 record on Feb. 20 is nowhere near bubble contention.

Lunardi said he thinks we’ll be in if we do that and not lose to a lower seeded team in the SECT. Significant difference.

If we can win out we will have to be in consideration for the top 25 poll and a 5 seed.

Even if we lose 1 at Florida, we will be fourth or third seed in sec tourney with a chance to play ourselves into the top 25 if we win the first and pass the “eye test” against a Florida or Kentucky.

Why do you always try to correct me, while ignoring my whole point? I noticed you do that in every response to me. If I’m off about a detail, I have no problems with someone saying it, I never claimed to be perfect, most of the time I’ll hear bits and pieces on the radio while at work, and I’ll comment on what I hear. I heard Bo ask him will winning the last 3 home games get us in and he said yes. Now if they kept talking and said afterwards he thinks we also need a tournament win, I missed that part. You can simply say that and then actually comment on the discussion of us being picked in the bracket rather than trying to pick out little things that I say that are wrong.

And back to the topic my whole point, Lunardi is saying going 22-9 in regular season and 1 tournament win gets us in. Palm said 24-25 wins and a couple of wins in the SEC tournament should get us in, but it’s not guaranteed. That’s the significant difference here, and what I was trying to say. And also Lunardi has us as a 9 seed and Palm as an 11 seed, that’s another significant difference.

Also looks like Lunardi changed his mind about Tennessee. Has them on the second team of first four out, after Saturday night they said Lunardi had them in after their win. I guess Georgia Tech winning yesterday kept them out.

Hey, man. First, nothing personal. I don’t hunt your posts. I also don’t spend as much time on this board as you do. It’s not my intention to nitpick you. I just point out things that I agree with, disagree with or counter with facts. I would love to engage in discussion more, but I simply don’t have enough time anymore, unfortunately.

I didn’t say you were going personal, nor did I say you hunting my posts. But, if you’re going to comment on something someone says why not reply about the main point the poster is trying to make, rather than trying to correct small details. I’m sure you can see how that comes off the wrong way, especially if someone does that to you multiple times. When you do that it seems like you’re trying to discredit what someone is saying. My point wasn’t about every little thing Lunardi said we need to do but rather the fact that Palm has a vastly different view on us than Lunardi. The proof of that is Palm has us at an 11 seed, and Lunardi has us as a 9 seed.

I’m not going to clutter up the board anymore than we already have, so this will be the last thing I say on this topic.

It’s clear to me that you’re being too sensitive and defensive. My opinion, of course. I know you didn’t say that you were taking it personally or anything like that; I just wanted to qualify that before I responded. See what I mean about being defensive. No need.

I also explained why I might pop in and just comment on a detail rather than the whole discussion. I don’t have a lot of time. I also may not have anything to add to the overall point. However, I can add to the discussion by pointing out pieces that may or may not be accurate. How you respond to me doing that is on you. Sorry that it’s bothered you enough to point it out.

LOL, I love when people get called out they start the name calling, never fails. Since we’re going in that direction, truth is you just like being a know it all and use to other posters sucking up to you because you throw some recruiting news every now and then, I’m not that guy. I’m not going to let you disrespect me. You’ve responded to several of my posts correcting me, saying what I’m saying is invalid, and been throwing little smart remarks out there, I’ve been ignoring those little shots you’ve thrown for the most part. But, I’ve never been one to hold my tongue for too long.

And you can save that “I’m so important, I don’t have much time” bit for somebody else. You’re on almost every single Arkansas message board with thousands of posts. You can go on most message boards right now and you have posts in threads that are at the top of the boards. You post more than 99.9% of other people, so excuse me if I don’t buy that I only have time to read and correct excuse you’re going with. You just felt like being a smartass and got called out on it, now I’m too sensitive and you’re too important to even even address me anymore. Go back to Hogville with that crap dude, that’s exactly the stuff they try to pull over there.