For those who don't understand today's Supreme Court ruling, watch this

This is a very informative show that I watched a few days ago. It was carried on the VICE Network (Channel 271 on DirecTV; it will be reshown in a few days, and is available on demand).

It is narrated/hosted by Jeremy Bloom. You may remember him as the star player at Colorado who the NCAA rules was ineligible because he was also a world class skier and her received sponsorship money so he could participate in the required events around the world to compete in that sport.

This is an in-depth look at why the NCAA was originally formed, and where the “amateurism or die” credo of the NCAA came from, and the building arguments against with the changes in the world since the NCAA was formed. It answers a lot of questions I see posted on boards like this, especially in recent years, as it has become obvious that this “no paying players” is about to change.

Full disclosure - for many years, I was in the “don’t pay players above and beyond the scholarship they receive” camp. But I’ve changed my mind on that. And regardless of whether you, I or anyone else agrees with it, it IS going to happen.

I also just added this explainer to the front page, if you’re interested:

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