For those that watched

all 4 games, how did Council and Dunning look shooting the 3-ball? We know Nick can drain it from deep at a high clip; if Council and Dunning can shoot around 35% apiece from behind the 3-pt line, the team should be ok. IMO, we don’t need to be a great 3-pt shooting team to win a national championship; just better than last season. Thoughts?

Council was 2 of 6 and Dunning was 1 of 2.

Well, can’t really take away anything from those small # of shots. Thanks.

For what it’s worth, both of their 3 point strokes look good. Both Ricky and Barry need to be open and have their feet set on their shot. If they do that, they both should be 35+% 3 point shooters IMO. Nick will be a very good 3 point shooter, and he can get his own shot if necessary.

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Council was 2/2 in the first 2 games then missed his final few attempts. Some of the perimeter shots in the final 2 games were late in the shot clock and kind of thrown up/rushed. In a college game, he would have still had 6+ seconds to make something happen and probably attacked the rim instead.

Dunning’s jumper looked good to me. He took a few pull-ups that didn’t fall, but I didn’t mind the shots themselves. They were open and came after putting the ball on the floor and attacking a closeout. They were good looks. I kind of like him, too, as a corner 3-point specialist before all is said and done.

Not a big sample to work with, but what you can take away from them is the quality.


We were out in transition so much that 3’s were almost bad shots.

Correct. Mentioned that in a thread last week. Many times it felt as if a 3-point attempt was a major settle. Most players got to the rim when they wanted to.

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