For those that missed the Daniel Gafford show....

Go to ESPN3 if you can and you can stream the replay.

You can watch the whole game if you want, but at the
1:33 point until the 1:39 point, its one of the best single
player shows I’ve seen from a Razorback in a long long

Dunk, Block, Dunk, Free Throw, Dunk, Dunk, Block.

It was an amazing stretch of Daniel showcasing his athletic
ability. He was simply amazing in that stretch.

He is going to be a fun one to watch!!!

I’ve never seen anything like that stretch in all my years watching the Hogs. Man, the possibilities for this team if Gafford plays like that… Of course, if he plays at that level this will be his only year on campus, which could be ok if they take advantage and make a run in March.

It was quite the show playing against a pretty good team.

Those dunks…WOW

And he made some critical FT’s

Special guy

The moment he learns how to use the glass for a six foot shot, he’s a lottery pick…if he’s not already. He got a lot of points against a real big body; I was very impressed with that…

Quick learner, realizing what his impact could be if he doesn’t foul out or get in foul trouble.
Boy did he take advantage of the opportunity. He better get ready for some rough housing in SEC play though.

One advantage of having that performance on tape is that it will force defenses to pay attention to the middle, which should create spacing for the guards.

Not replying directly to you Neil’s, just hit the reply/quote button, it’s easier for me to post.

Love what I saw from the kid, but is anyone worried about his size? To me he looks a little small for all the contact he’s gonna take the rest of the year. Maybe another year of college ball and put on about 25/35 pounds.

He’s got the frame to put on good weight.

Adding strength and more of a post game will take him to the next level literally

How much did Anthony Davis weigh at Kentucky. Daniel sort of reminds me of early AD at Kentucky.

I was just about to reply that same comment to Dudley’s post. I saw Davis the other night, he has filled out well. I’m just not sure DG will fill out here, if he continues to play like he did the other night, he maybe a one and done.

Weighed 220 when he showed up at UK

He’s listed at 253 now.

Daniel says he weighed 217 in May when he got to Kansas and now weighs 235

Get some sleep Dudley, we aren’t the Jayhawks :wink: