For those pulling against Arkansas today...

T.J. Hammonds looked timid running the ball, and LSU’s speed on the defensive edges negates his speed. Against some teams, the bigger backs are going to be better matchups, while in other games, TJ will be a better option. I expect to see him more against MSU and Mizzou.

It doesn’t make a rat’s tail who pulls for them and who pulls against them.
If it did, they would be undefeated.
I’m just ready to reclaim our razorbacks from this abyss created by a coach that got a fat contract with tenure and has been slacking.
Proof is on the field each week for all to see.

it is total crap to pull against the Hogs.
i doubt many on this board would be doing that

it is also crap that the state of the program has people thinking like that

i am not sure if crap is appropriate for the board and cannot recall using it in the 16 years i have been posting here
just seemed appropriate for the topic