For those of you who were at the game

Me either, I’m more interested to see how SDST AD and their amazingly mature HC address attacking a player and coaching staff in a hand shake line and then storming the opponents dressing room , in both instances with violence.


Which Razorback player was attacked in the hand shake line and who attacked our coach in the handshake line? None of that was reported in the one (San Diego newspaper) article reporting on any of this. All that was reported was a SDSU fan yelling at muss and muss responding with the L sign and go F yourself to the fan and to their player Matt Bradley.

My main point was that if he’s going to engage with any of that mess he should do it after finishing the handshake line. That’s a bad deal for obvious reasons to start engaging in obscenities with opposing fans while shaking hands with the opposing players and coaches. But I do want to hear more first hand accounts of what happened other than the one San Diego reporter


I read someone threw a punch at Ronnie Brewer


Redpig, that’s quite an over the top reaction!


Obviously, we have different thoughts about what type of behavior from our head coach we are comfortable with, and I certainly also disapprove of the antics of those from SDS. I’m not trying to convince anyone to change their mind about the whole mess, just wish those kinds of incidents didn’t happen. I didn’t lose sleep over it!

If true, kinda foolish to pick a fight with Ronnie. He’s a stout man.
UA…Campus of Champions


Didn’t Muss run over and scream as a few players were on the court and I did see RB. Not sure of the exact time of the game, but I thought that was over the top!! I saw something…

He ran over and screamed at Razorbacks on the floor with a 4 seconds left in overtime. They were celebrating and he wanted them in the huddle.


This is true. I didn’t understand why our guys ran to the opposite end of the court to celebrate with 4 seconds remaining. Muss was a little perturbed and had difficulty getting them back to his huddle. Brazile was one of them. Can’t remember who else.

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We all have opinions about something like this, and I respect them all. But frankly, I don’t give a rat’s patootie about this incident. WPS!




Hope this story doesn’t run off into a Ditch… :grinning:

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Muss reminding the screamers they lost… only the truth.