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Just found this blog post Ken Pomeroy wrote after we beat Auburn last February, about the last time we’d beaten #1 – North Carolina at Pine Bluff. He got a couple of details wrong, but it’s a pretty good read. Brought back some good memories (I was sitting right behind Matt Doherty when he made that last inbounds pass, which Ken went into in some detail).

Kenpom is not expensive and gives a lot of insight. I wish there was some sort of fan subscription option for Hoop Lens as well.

Orville Henry actually interviewed Al McGuire after the game. He was still a rock star analyst during this time. ESPN was around, but they weren’t getting big games yet. McGuire had a simple explanation for why he called the shot good. He had described in great detail how long it would take for UNC to get a shot off before the buzzer, he said he was letting the audience know that the shot had beat the buzzer and would be good. It just didn’t go in. OH wrote in his article that McGuire’s explanation was too plausible and simple that he was bound to have been truthful. I always remember OH’s article and Al McGuire’s reasoning when I see that shot on You Tube.

I knew what McGuire meant the first time I saw the replay (obviously I didn’t see it at the time; Dick and Al were seated down press row from me): That Hale had gotten the shot off in time.

I still remember Enberg’s line: “Pandemonium in Pine Bluff!”

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One of my all time best memories being a part of the pandemonium in my home town. A few years ago our company became primary sponsors for a NASCAR team and Brad Daugherty (played for North Carolina that day) became one of the owners of the team. We had a lot of laughs over the Hogs beating them in my home town. He always said “you guys were lucky”. A good guy.

We were lucky. They had a lot more talent, we didn’t get to Pine Bluff until shortly before game time (stuck in Dallas due to weather the night before), we turned it over way too much, we were playing with 24 hours rest, etc. But we shot 55% and won anyway.

Look at their roster: MJ, Sam Perkins, Daugherty, Doherty (who would later be UNC’s head coach), Buzz Peterson, who would later be Tennessee’s head coach. And Kenny Smith, who was injured and didn’t play at PBCC. Hale was drafted by the NBA but decided to attend medical school. We had two NBA-level players, they had a whole roster of them.

Another oddity: Six months later, five players from that weekend of Arkansas basketball would get Olympic gold medals in Los Angeles – MJ, Perkins, Kleine, Robertson, and Jon Koncak of SMU, who we beat Saturday afternoon in Dallas. Nearly half of the 12-man Olympic roster.

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Brad thinks the world of Joe Kline. Always asked me about how he was doing like I knew Joe…

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Might give CBB Analytics a try. I think you can sign up for information on Arkansas without paying. I love that site. Use it it my writing quite a bit.

Thanks, pretty cool site. Certainly gives you food for thought when watching the games.

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