For those of you old enough to remember, Ricky Council

…reminds me of Clyde Drexler in the way he finishes at the rim. Glides through the air and gets as high as he needs to, then casually jams the ball through the hoop.

Clyde also had a good (not great, but good) outside shot, similar to Ricky.


Hated him when he was at Houston and Phi Slamma Jamma, but several years later, back when I still watched the NBA, I enjoyed watching him play. I hated that he could not get a championship in Portland, those teams were so close, but when he came back to Houston and joined the Rockets and was re-uinited with Hakeem Olajuwon. They got it done and he got his title. Was also cool to see him on the ORIGINAL Dream Team. They certainly got it done for gold medals.

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Get that but have thought about the Ice Man also.

Not his best game tonight.

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Just can’t go the Ice Man route. Ricky almost never finger rolls. Now Trevon Brazile he has a sweet finger roll, but most of the time he just flushes it.

Not really an Ice Man on this team. The finger roll is a lost art these days.

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When he was at Houston, he wasn’t the superstar on the team which tells you about the talent level they had.

Drexler had one of the best dunks I’ve ever seen at Barnhill. Took off at or very near the free throw line. I also remember going to the SWC Tournament when Drexler was a freshman. Several of the Houston players were wondering around the concourse in San Antonio and I remember thinking that Drexler looked about 12 years old. When I watched him play that weekend you could see that he was going to be something special. That’s a huge compliment to compare Council to him, IMO.

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Styles might be similar, but I have a hard time comparing anyone to Drexler.

He is the best finisher I have seen since Jalen Barford. And Ricky is better because he can finish with a dunk.

Well…there is “reminds me of”…and then there is “compare”.

People have a variety of ways that they run, cut, pass a football, shoot a basketball, swing a bat, etc. In watching thousands of athletes over many decades, sometimes I’ll see someone do something somewhat reminiscent of someone else I’ve seen years earlier.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m “comparing” them in the sense that they have equal ability. It just means something they do “kind of” reminds me of each other. One could be a HS athlete and the other a Pro All-Star. Parts of their games can still resemble each other.

I stand by my original comment. Ricky has a “glide” in his running/jumping and finishing that few players do. And the player that “comes to mind” when watching him…for me…is Clyde.

Others may see someone else…that’s fine. Just sharing a stream of consciousness thought that hit me during the game Saturday. And the game before, I believe; the one where he jumped up in traffic and reverse slammed in what almost seemed (for him) a routine way. Only certain people do that, and Clyde was one of them…

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How about a comparison of Council to Sonny Weems?

I see some Lenzie Howell in Council. Weems is a good thought, too.

Lenzie was a personal favorite. Dude was clutch.


Same. Mentioned to my guys that while he reminded me of Clyde, I also saw some Lenzie in him. LH was also one of my very favorite players of all time.

In today’s game (OU), there was a jumper from the 10-12 foot spot in the lane that was a vintage Lenzie move/shot.

Definitely has a similar bounce and not one dimensional. Just like Lenzie, you never know if he is to drive all the way to the hoop or drive and pull-up fir a jumper or shoot the three.

Wonder why the hell was Ricky a 6th man in a mediocre Wichita State team?

Sometimes coaches elect to not start their best five: Notae a couple years ago; Brazile this year, etc.

True, but those were not mediocre Arkansas teams. We had 5 talented players starting in front of them. Was that the case at Wichita State? Record doesn’t suggest that. It was probably a case of Coach outsmarting himself.

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Looks like he was in their top 3 in minutes/game for the season.

Perhaps you’re outsmarting yourself by focusing on the significance of starting. :thinking:

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Whatever it was, if Muss likes a Wichita State guy, I’m all in.

I’ve said the same thing