For those headed to Arlington for the game, here's a tip

This place is a sports bar less than 1/2 mile from the Stadium. But the main thing is that they offer a shuttle to and from the game (from the restaurant) for only $10 roundtrip, which beats the heck out of buying a parking pass. Plus, they drop you off in the parking lot close to the gates, so it’s a really, really good value.

Moreover, you can get there before the game, eat good food (voted "best burger in Arlington, FWIW, plus chicken fried steak, nachos, chicken, etc.) for prices much less than you’ll pay inside JerryWorld ($13 hamburger, $8 hot dog, etc.). Plus, after the game you can chill and eat again (if you wish) while watching whatever games they have up on the screens and wait for the traffic jam to clear up.


I’m not a fan of much in Texas but they do Chicken Fried Steak better than anyone, anywhere. And I’ve tried them all over the USA.

Sounds like it’s worth the trip to watch the game there. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This Texas Live is supposed to really be something else. Troy Aikman owns part of it. I’ve seen it from afar but have never been in it. It’s closer to the baseball park as I recall. Like being in a Vegas sports book. Very close to Jerry World/Death Star.

Best chicken fried steak is in Walden, Colorado. Best steak. Best gravy. Best taters. Great salad.

Antlers Inn. Cool place.

Only about 20 massive elks on the walls. I think all 40 eyes are staring at you as you eat that chicken fried steak. Way cool.

Ask Jim Daniel or Gage.

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If there is a good chicken fried steak close, I’m headed that way.

The next time you’re close to Houston, check out Goodson’s Cafe in Tomball. It’s been there about 70 years and has excellent chicken fried steak.


Clay when you were in Tulsa did you ever have the chicken fried at Nelson’s Buffeteria?

Y’all making me hungry and it’s too late for me to eat. stop it :joy::joy:

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I cannot concur with your choice. The best anywhere is the BBQ Inn in the Houston Heights neighborhood. 2nd best is Vernon’s Catfish near Lake Conroe (North of Houston). The steak is over a foot long and smothered in cream gravy

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I started this for the parking, mostly.

But since this thread has become a de facto referendum on chicken fried steak, I’d try any of the Babe’s locations in DFW. They serve fantastic Chicken fried steak and/or friend chicken family style, with mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, etc. And great pies for dessert, if you have any room left.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t wrap my mind around “frying” a steak. Why? Does “chicken fried” really mean “battered and fried”? Surely you don’t do that to a ribeye, porterhouse, or filet? If you are talking about a hamburger steak maybe, but I’d much prefer grilled.

I can’t believe you’ve been in Arkansas at all and don’t know what a chicken fried steak is.

Yes, it’s battered and fried. I think they prefer to use a tenderized round steak.

I like hanger steak battered and fried.

Yes. Nelson’s had good chicken fried steaks. I liked the chicken fried chicken at Goldies, too.

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Man I miss going to Babe’s in Roanoke… will have to go there next time I’m in town.

Go to Texas Live, just outside of the stadium, probably one of the biggest sports bars you will see. Yes Aikman and few others have restaurants in the bar, his is called TROYS. It should be a huge party with all the fans both schools.

Parking is important. Wiz, good thought.

Been there and it is memorable. You need to plan your day to hit it at the peak of hunger and you soak into your own little world for about 20 minutes when they bring that plate.

This is a great tip for a parking hack. Wish I could go. I haven’t had a decent CFS since we left Houston, where Dirty’s (since closed) set the local standard. Served on a big platter that could barely contain it with skin-on mashed taters and about a gallon of perfectly seasoned cream gravy. California doesn’t do CFS.