For those having difficult with CBS for the Hog game

You can stream all the games live several different ways.

At the NCAA website you can live stream any of the 4 games current playing…
2023 March Madness: Men’s NCAA tournament schedule, scores, how to watch |

I like to record digital copies so I go to the actual channels live stream and do a screen record:
CBS → CBS Live TV Stream
TBS → Watch Live |
TNT → Watch Live |

I hope that give you a few options to view the game

NOTE: These streams seem to work best with my EDGE browser, it doesn’t seem to like Chrome, or Opera. There is a chance that it’s just a setting I have on each browser because I have them set up to do different things. But its also possible that EDGE being Microsoft main go to browser that they put something in it to make it easier to view certain things. I’d not put something like that past Microsoft.

If I download the cbs app on my phone, will it allow me to mirror to tv?

Someone else will have to answer that. I do it all via my laptop or desktop computer. I think about the only things I do with a phone is answer a call, make a call, and maybe a few text messages. I’m old school enough that if cell phones were suddenly taken away or useless and we all just used land lines, I’d be totally unaffected by that.

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I hear ya, same here. I just downloaded the cbs sports app on my smart tv, so I’m good now. Thx for info.

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