For those going to games -- tickets available?

I’m just wondering if it’s possible to walk up and buy tickets outside the arena like it has been in the past. For those who have been going, have you seen fans trying to sell tickets? With the limited crowds, I’ve been wondering…

I enter on the north side of the arena and have not seen anyone buying or selling.

As far as I know, all tickets are downloaded to smart phones. Obviously, that changes things when it comes to buying and selling.

I have bought from Stubhub and Vivid
Hate paying their fees, but that’s been only option

Haven’t seen anyone selling tix either. Just a reminder, though. There are no paper tickets. They are all digital scanned on cell phones.

No, I have not seen anyone selling tickets outside. I have at the football games, but not at the basketball. There’s not much standing outside at all. Low numbers, about 3000 and most of those folks really want to go to the game, so probably not a market for it for the time. The electronic ticket system has changed things, I think. I think if you want to go to bball game, you’re going to have to locate a season ticket holder that didn’t opt out and isn’t planning on going to a single game. I am one, but I will either go or give them to someone at work if I can’t. So I can’t help you. But, if work doesn’t want them, I’ll PM you.

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