For those feeling blue or negative...

I’m not telling you not to feel bad… This sux… It hurts!

Just remember though, deep down I bet there wasn’t but
a very few that expected to win this game. Bama is good,
no doubt about it. Also, no matter how bad we lose, even
if its 77-7, it still only counts as 1 loss. Not like a big score
can give you 2 losses.

So come back from the ledge, and remember. It just as
important to handle a loss with grace as it is to handle a win
with grace.

I love the hawgs and always will. I will suffer the bumps in
the road and keep on bleeding Razorback Red. WPS!!

My name is Jerry, and I authorize this post. :slight_smile:


I know a lot of people are complaining about defense and to fire Rob Smith but there have been plenty of mistakes on both sides. This is Alabama we will not play a better team all year. They are really good and their team speed on defense is unreal. We will play better next week but Ole Miss will not be easy but there is not another team I would rather beat. We will get better and go to a bowl and that’s not bad!

Yes, This! Well said Votan.

Absolutely believe we have a very good team, we could win out from here. It’s painful and frustrating today but I’m all in…GO HOGS GO!!

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results

20 years in sec now

Find a way to recruit like the bigs and we turn the corner

In other words find a way to recruit on a consistent basis like we never have. Ever.

Exactly. The only way to come from the middle of the pack to consistently recruiting with the handful of blue bloods, particularly with no natural recruiting base is to cheat–like Ole Miss is doing.

That’s it. Cheat like crazy and consequences be damned.

We can, but we have to believe we can!..We have everything to offer that any other program has!!!..